There is a way to to live the life of your dreams and spend more time doing what you love. Your Dream was put in your heart to change the world and it’s time to start taking it seriously! Every time I encounter someone new who gets all fired up about living the life of their dreams they hit me with this statement:

“That sounds nice, but to achieve my Dream, is impossible!”

I’m not tryin’ to hear that!!

First of all, can we all agree that nothing is impossible? Things can be different, challenging and even seemingly impossible, but nothing in the world is truly impossible.  With the world wide web at our finger tips one can find evidence of this with only a couple of keystrokes. If you’re argument is “well, it hasn’t been done before” then maybe the Dream that has been put in your Spirit is there because YOU are supposed to be the first to realize that Dream as being something that is possible! (BOOM!)


The first 4:00 minute mile was unheard of, that is, until Roger Bannister ran it in 1954. The next year several individuals ran a 4:00 minute mile, why? Because the new reality was that it was now possible.


The idea that a human could fly through the sky seemed impossible, that is until the Wright Brothers came along and made that Dream a Reality.


When we set our minds to believe something is “impossible” we limit ourselves from exploring every possibility. That is a very 2-dimensional approach in a 3-dimensional world.  Things are only “impossible” until someone does it, or realizes it or makes it come into fruition, so let’s agree nothing is impossible, some things just haven’t come into the realm of reality, yet.


Now that we’re on the same page and we can agree that anything is Possible, we’re ready to delve into this series to talk about ways to take your Dream, no matter how extreme it may seem, from the seemingly impossible, to Possible.

Stay tuned for next week!

Your Turn:

  • Share with me situation or circumstance where you thought something was impossible and then saw it come into fruition.



You're In!