Hi Friend 🙂

How are things going with you? I’m still processing after coming back from an amazing surprise vacay to see Oprah’s Super Soul Sessions Series 2! I saw incredible teachers I’m a fan of such as India.Arie, Caroline Myss, Marie Forleo, Amandla Stenberg (Rue!) and Eckhart Tolle and people I’m now totally turned on to like Shaka Senghor, Dr. Shefalie Tsabery and Cheryl Strayed (#FolksYouNeedToGoogle).

The event was amazing and I met sooooo many fantastic people, but the real magic of the trip is how it all came to pass.

I don’t want to make this letter too long, so let’s just say, on Wednesday morning when I woke up, I wasn’t attending the event. The tickets had been sold out  for weeks, my schedule was packed and I had just splurged on a birthday trip for my man. However, by Wednesday night, tickets had been purchased, a car was leaving for LA on Friday and I was on my way to Super Soul Sessions with my magical mastermind sisters.

The combination of synchronicity, dwelling in possibility, listening to those thought leaders and being in the energy of greatness all weekend, reminded me how at any given moment there are a zillion different outcomes. Just because you’ve assessed what’s possible for you using your 5 senses, the reality is there are an infinite number of outcomes that can occur every second of every day.

For example, if you find yourself saying, “I can’t afford it”, really that’s just one outcome out of a zillion.

If you find yourself saying, “I don’t have time”, that’s one possibility, sure, but there are also an infinite number of other possibilities.

This trip was not logical nor probable on Wednesday, but it was possible and once I committed(i.e. my girl scored a ticket, bought it and texted me to tell me I’m going! Hey, sometimes you need a push!) it was on and poppin!

What didn’t seem like a reality on Wednesday, pretty much went off without a hitch days later and I’m forever changed from the trip and the lessons, a-has and warm fuzzies just keep on coming!

So my question to you is this: Where in your life are you stopping short, telling yourself ‘no’ and cutting off the zillion different outcomes available to you? 

Don’t worry I’m not going to leave you hanging.

Here’s what you can do to begin to elevate your thinking:

  1. Identify an outcome you want to manifest in the next 90 Days.
  2. Write down at least 10 ways you yourself could make it happen.
  3. Pray, meditate, drum circle or whatever else you need to do to connect to your higher power and ask for guidance on 10 more ways you can manifest your outcome.
  4. Throughout the next 90 days remain open to new possibilities, inspirations and miracles.
  5. Adopt an attitude of dwelling in possibility instead of telling yourself  “you can’t”.

I know it’s easy to read a list of bullet points, but intentionally living this way takes support, accountability, and love.

That’s why I’m opening up my Coaching à la Carte sessions to you if you need some support and accountability (and love!). In these sessions, we’ll help you get clear on what you want to manifest in 90 days and how to stay in the energy of creation to surely manifest what you desire.

These sessions are designed to allow you to pick my brain, receive guidance, gain clarity and really walk away with a plan, inspiration, clarity and direction. If you’re ready to start exploring the realm of what’s really possible for you this year, be among the first to snag your spot for a Coaching à la Cart Session.

You have the power (and choice) right now to make your life unrecognizable in the next 90 Days. It’s really up to you because the possibility is there.

I’m wishing you a wonderful rest of your week and I can’t wait to create with you soon!

Sending you all my best,

You're In!