I did something radical last week.

I chose myself.


My birthday was January 6th and it’s already hard enough to have a birthday near the holidays, but the pandemic threw a wrench in me having the fabulous trip and spa time I had originally envisioned.

So, I whisked away with my husband to a hotel we decked out in birthday decorations and I had all the fixin’s in place to luxuriate and treat myself.

Only to wake up from my leisurely sun nap to the horrific news that came later that day. What was going down in D.C. shook me to the core and was about to send me into a spiral of despair.

But 2020 taught me better than that.

2020 taught me about resilience
About self-care
About filling my cup first
About being informed
And about being at choice

And after spending the month of June of last year in bed, depressed at the social injustice of the world and only having energy for my husband and clients, I vowed to never let racists steal my joy.

And that’s a radical revolutionary act.

I absolutely had my moment that day feeling all the feels and continue to, but that day I let myself go back into celebrating ME, taking care of ME, allowing my community to pour into ME and I didn’t let my internal flame of joy leave like I let it before.

When the world goes up in flames it’s so important to connect to who you are and your Vision. I was put here to help visionary women build soul-centered businesses that change the world.

Last year was hard, but since I stayed on mission I saw my clients — women who are often marginalized — take their local businesses national and international, grow their business revenue over 60%, launch non-profits and dive deep into DEI work and change organizations by making them more equitable places to work.

These women are world-changers and when I get off-mission, I’m not able to do my job and help them change the world.

I’m not letting racism get me off my mission, my joy isn’t up for grabs, my Purpose is unwavering.

And if you’ve been feeling shook (#totallyunderstandable) I suggest you too anchor back to your mission, to your Purpose and the calling on your Soul. That will serve as your North Star during the most disturbing times.

You got this and I got you!

Here’s to making major moves this year and doing our part to make the world a better place

You're In!