Look, I know when you seek business advice everyone is telling you that you need a niche, but let me just tell you two very confusing things.


1)   You don’t need one.

2)   You already have one.


By telling a Multi-Passionate Misfit that she needs to pick just ONE thing is enough to stop her cold in her tracks. It is, for some MPMs, literally impossible to pick just one thing. We think of all the things we could be missing and become paralyzed by all of the possibilities.


Professional MPMs get business advice all the time that says, “if you want to succeed you gotta pick a niche!”. Well, here is the good news.


You actually DO have a niche. It’s just not in the traditional sense that people are usually referring to.


If you were to make a list all of your experiences, skills and hobbies you would find that you are a very talented person. If you were able to analyze some of those skills and see where they overlap in unique ways you will see that there have been niches hiding there the whole time.


These hidden niches are what Chris Guillebeau is referring to in his free e-book, 279 Days To Overnight Success.  He talks about finding the  “convergence” or the sweet spot where doing what you love overlaps with things people would pay money for. When you take those items on your list that you love to do and can find a need in society for any of them, you will stumble right upon your very unique niche.

So remember:


  1. You don’t need a niche in the traditional sense, ie.pick one thing, focus on it and do it forever




  1. You do have a hidden niche right between your talents and what society desires. Go find it and report back!


Community Corner

Have you found your sweet spot? What is it? If you haven’t found it what would you like it to be? How do you feel about niches? Let me know in the comments below.


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Catch you later niches, (okay that took it a little too far)







(diagram by clay collins @ financeyourfreedom.com)

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