Today I’ve got to make a plea for something that I know you need in your business in order to have profitability, to have connection, and to build community. But it’s so unpopular and it’s seen as old school at this point. As we’re in this new year and season of new beginnings, I’ve just got to make a plea for this online tool. I have a group and every month we choose a theme that we’re going to really work on implementing. Success and growth aren’t just about learning new things all the time, even though that’s super fun and great to do.  It’s also really about implementation — because implementing is what people sometimes fall off from doing. Implementation is a big part of the equation, right? I don’t think any of us have trouble learning, consuming information or even creating new things, but you want to learn things and then implement them. My group is really focused on implementation — every month we pick the theme of what we’re going to implement. If you want to join our group, go to, and sign up for the course.  Once you’re signed up, you’ll also get invited into the group, and we’ll get to work together. While each month we pick a new theme, each quarter we do an intensive training that gives you the tools needed to plan the next quarter, moving ahead.  Why was I even talking about that? Oh yes. Because what we’re talking about this month is super important, and there’s been some resistance and a lot of questions. I thought I would do a video on it to appeal to the masses. So the tool, the thing that you need in your business, even this year, still is a newsletter — a way to get in touch with your potential clients and community. With social media being so popular and prevalent, the question is, “With social media, I do well on Instagram and I do well on Facebook. Do I even need a newsletter?” I say, heck yes, yes, yes, yes. I’m going to count the ways as to why. One, email is still a very intimate touch point. You’re popping up in someone’s inbox. People are reading that on their phones. You are able to address them by name. You’re able to see who opens it, who reads it, who clicks. It is a very intimate touch. In the same way that getting a handwritten note in the mail can’t be duplicated, popping up in someone’s inbox is different than any other interaction online. When we’re talking about converting strangers into potential clients, they’re more willing to buy from you when you do have that more connected touchpoint via email. One of the most practical and biggest things to understand is that you don’t own social media platforms. If you’ve grown your whole business on one platform when they change the algorithms, shut down, or fall out of popularity, then you’re screwed in a day. You know, it can happen in a day. And maybe you’ve seen this happen. I just heard a story of these super-popular Vine stars. They were hot for a minute, and then they disappeared because Vine disappeared. It’s a great part of your funnel. It’s a great way to call people in, but your newsletter is really like your living room where you’re getting to have quiet chats and true conversation. While social media can be very loud and broadcast-y. Again, you just don’t own it, you don’t control it. You only get to participate on social media. Even people who do well on social media, and I have clients who do great on social media. I have a client that is killing it on Instagram, but what it means to do well on social media is that you’re able to call people in. You’re still needing to bring them into your world somehow. Whether that is your website, whether it’s a landing page or your newsletter, you still have to call them into your world off of the platform you don’t own, into a platform that you do own. That is then when they are able to be converted into clients that you’re able to truly help on a deeper level. Even if social media is working for you, you still need another channel that you own, that you’re calling people into, so that then they can become clients. So definitely use social media as a marketing tool. Definitely use it to get your message out, to communicate with people. Your newsletter is a great next step for all those connections you make on social media. Then it’s again like being at a party, and you’re calling them into your living room. You’re then able to cultivate a longer relationship, and for the right folks, can even become clients. I wanted to share this with you because I’m sharing it with my inner circle of clients. Again, you can join that inner circle as well. Go to, if you’re interested. Every month we tackle a new theme. The takeaway really is, is if you don’t have a CRM or if you don’t have a newsletter right now, sign up. There are so many that are free or low cost. If you do have one, then go ahead and get really consistent with it. The way you can do that is create a time in your schedule that you’re going to write it every week. Maybe you’re going to batch where you write four for the month, or you do eight at a time so that you’re two months ahead — however you decide to tackle it. Create a to-do, an action item that’s going to help you launch and be consistent with your newsletter. Because let me tell you, that is how I fill my coaching practice. I let people know I have an open spot, or that I have three open spots. I put it out there, or I put an application out there to my newsletter, and people sign up. Easy as that! I don’t have to be all over social media. I don’t have to be everywhere all at once. I’m just able to keep in touch with my newsletter consistently. Here and there I offer things, and people purchase them. Hopefully, you will take action on this. Let me know if you have any questions, or even what you end up doing. So go out there, activate that newsletter and Shine On, Sista!

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