If you didn’t catch Part 1, you can check that out here.

Today we’re diving in into Part 2 of the Prepare for The End Of The Year With Power 11-Part Series!

Now that you’ve gotten clear on your VIsion, next you want to map out your plan for success.

2. Map It  Out 

You want to map out the topics and/or themes you want to cover over the course of the year. This way you’re consistently in touch with your audience educating and inspiring so you can enroll them into your offerings. 

What that looks like:

  • Use your signature system to come up with those themes (learn more about how to create a signature system here
  • Think of other mindset topics that play into the topics of your themes
  • Think of best practices to apply when it comes to those themes
  • Think of  common mistakes, obstacles or pitfalls that occur when it comes to those themes


Implement this today: 

Keep a Google Doc, Word Doc or a notepad as a designated place where you catch all of the ideas that come up for you surrounding your topics and themes. Map out as best you how to organize your topics. If you’d like a deep dive workshop that walks you through exactly how to map out your content for the year, you’ll want to check out the popular Done & Done Content Workshop here

You're In!