Be sure to go here to catch the previous parts of this series, because today we’re ready to dive into Part 3 of the Prepare for The End Of The Year With Power 11-Part Series! 

Now that you’ve gotten clear on your VIsion, and have your overall Map or ideas, now you want to:

Batch Your Content

The art of  batching is simple. You take one task, say like, blog writing for example, and you focus only on that task until it’s complete. You may take a day or your may block out a week. It’s up to you. When you’re not taking the time to switch between different tasks, you’re actually WAY more productive. Try it out!

Implement this today: 

Pick a task, like blogging or newsletter writing and write out all of your material for the next 30 days. Want the Gold Star of Ambition. Knock out 6 months or even 12 months of content! You can do it! 

If you want to speed to the head of the class or take a deeper dive into getting your content done in a snap, check out the Done & Done Content Workshop which is designed to help you get a year’s worth of content done in one day!

You're In!