Be sure to go here to catch the previous parts of this series, because today we’re ready to dive into Part 3 of the Prepare for The End Of The Year With Power 11-Part Series!

Now that you’ve got some fundamentals in place it’s now time to:

Schedule What You Want

Now you want to schedule in what you want to create in your life and business.  Schedule in what you want to experience. This is a manifestation principle as well as a very practical principle. 

On one hand, energetically, when you attempt to make room for what you want, you may find that you didn’t have space in your schedule for it in the first place! This is your first clue as to why it hasn’t shown up in your life thus far. Also, this observation will force you to make a decision about what has to go and what gets to stay. It gives you the opportunity to see  how much you really want the thing you’re declaring you want and forces you to priorities your highest desires.

In a practical sense, you of course need to make a plan and make space for what you want and schedule in what you want. You’ve heard it before, but I’ll state it here for emphasis, “What doesn’t get scheduled doesn’t get accomplished”. So, be sure to make room in your schedule for what you want as you plan out these next several months of the year.

Implement this today: 

Make a list of the activities and outcomes you want to experience for the rest of the year.

Make room for them in your calendar and schedule them in. 

You're In!