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Now that you’ve got some important fundamentals in place it’s now time to:

Tap Into Your Higher Power

Meditate, Pray & Contemplate

Take a moment away from DOING and just sit and connect with that inside voice. Get quiet and let your Higher Power, Source, GOD (whatever you call it), speak to you and just listen. When you incorporate your insights and inspiration into your work, you really come from an enlightened resourced place. Not only is that important for you, but that’s what really makes your work connect with your audience. It’s also the thing that will have your work feel on Purpose versus just going through the motions. This is how you can stay out of that hustle mode at the end of the year and instead finish it off with in a state of alignment and flow. 

Implement this today: 

Take some time out to connect with your Higher Power. Maybe you create space every morning, or maybe you just make a special appointment to envision what you’re manifesting for the remainder of the year. There’s no wrong way to do this, just be sure you do it.

You're In!