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Now that you’ve got some important fundamentals in place it’s now time to:

Stay Encouraged

As the year dwindles down you will hear a lot of “end of the year talk” which naturally instills a sense of panic and scarcity. Your anxiety levels may rise and you may start feeling like nothing you do is enough. That’s why I’m telling you now to come up with ways to stay encouraged. Doubt is going to creep in, but don’t let it build up residence in your psyche. Come up with practices, rituals and methods that keep you in a positive state of mind. That’s going to be a game changer and a life saver as you finish up the rest of this year. 

Implement this today: 

Reflect on what in the past has kept you encouraged, inspired and motivated. Create a list of your most effective practices and keep it somewhere where you can refer to it often. Look back on this list and implement the activities and mindsets you have written down and use them to stay encouraged. (Pro Tip: Don’t have a regular source of inspiration? Click here for some free resources + a way to stay connected to this space that’s FULL of inspiration!)

You're In!