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Now that you’ve got even more fundamentals in place it’s now time to:

Hold Yourself Accountable:

The best part of being your own boss is that you get to call the shots and do what you want to do when you want to do it. The flip side to that freedom is that it’s also really easy to wiggle out of being fully accountable when the buck stops with you. When only you know your schedule and your “to dos” it’s easy to fudge deadlines, not follow through with what you told yourself you were going to do, go into hiding and really the list goes on. So, it’s essential that you create a practice around being held accountable. 

Declare what you’re going to do and then DO IT.

As an ambitious accomplished woman, I already know the record that’s playing in your head. “I should have the discipline to do this myself. I’ll just dig my heels in and make it happen”. The truth is you’re working against your human nature and it’s okay to get support in this area. What you want to do instead of “shoulding” on yourself is this:

  • Get a coach
  • Get an accountibilibuddy
  • Find a mastermind group
  • Announce your goals out loud on social media
  • Set up a practice where you have to show up and report (if even to yourself) as a check in on a regular basis

The point is you need to create a structure, a boundary, a container where you’re held accountable somehow. Without that in place you’ll be like a captainless ship on the sea, bouncing along the waves with no direction at all. We can’t have that! Your work is too important so get those Accountability structures in place ASAP. 

Implement this today: 

Create several accountability structures that support your highest desires and dreams. 

Need more support with this and ready to hire a coach? Book a time to chat with me about how I can support you in this next iteration of your business. 

You're In!