In your journey to walking in your destiny you may find yourself motivated about a new business idea or project. You pour your heart and soul into the project and then, nothing happens, or worse, it fails miserably and you’re back at square one. Scary stuff. I’m talking about putting your dream, your good idea, your “baby”  out there and the world rejects it! How is a person supposed to take that kind of beating and begin again? There is plenty you can do and the most important thing to recognize is, the idea you put out there was just one approach to how you can bring your dream into reality. There is sooooo much more goodness where that came from!


Here are some questions for you:

Do you feel you haven’t started working on your Dream Project due to fear of failure?

Do you feel that there is no point of starting because you would be devastated if this one idea didn’t work out?

Have you taken the leap and things blew up in your face and now you have sworn off your Dream forever?

Do you tend to look at things from one point of view failing to see the multiple way of getting to one given point?

Do you throw in the towel when adversity rears it’s ugly head?


If you can answer “yes” to any of those questions, this article can help you out.


If you are either thinking of turning your dream into a reality but are too scared to begin due to fear of failure, OR you have already attempted and it didn’t work out as you expected, read the post below for ways to keep you moving steadfastly towards your Destiny.


Just The Tip of the Iceberg….

 If you tend to think there is only one approach to make your Dream come true, you are really missing out. You’ve heard the expression “there is more than one way to skin a cat”. I know, I don’t know who came up with that one, but the point of the saying is, there is more than one way to do just about anything  and that is great news for You! Why is this such great news? Because it means, you  just started to scrape the surface, you’re just at the tip of the iceberg and there is sooooo much more where that idea came from.


In next week’s post I have listed several things to keep in mind when you feel like everything you try is not working out and you have officially run out of steam (or you simply fear all of that happening). So stay turned

In the meantime I want to hear from you!

Your Turn:

    • Tell me one thing that hinders you on your journey to living the life of your dreams. Share in the comments below.


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