This week on Shine On, Sista, we hear from guest, Robin Allen.

Who is Robin Allen:

She is a wardrobe stylist, creative consultant, style writer, fashion editor, motivational speaker

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Robin discovered her love and passion for empowerment of women and girls
  • How to Tap into Your Creativity
  • The Importance of Finding Your Tribe
  • Robin’s Favorite Tool For Manifesting Her Visions
  • Her Experience with Investing in a Mentor or Coach
  • The importance of mentorship and guidance
  • What to focus on if you’re truly dedicated to helping others
  • How to let teamwork make the dream work
  • Robin’s inner work
  • The importance of women helping women
  • Energy and clothes and how they’re related
  • How Robin can make sure you are the best version of yourself and your current self

Resources/Links mentioned in the show:

You're In!