Today I want to talk about the four essential things that you need to do to bring in paying clients as soon as today! These are four things that maybe you’re doing and you’re doing them unconsciously OR maybe you’re skipping a step or two.



The first thing you want to do to get those clients rolling in, is to educate first, educate. What I mean by that is that we’re in a relationship marketing economy right now. So what that means is people need to know, like, and trust you. And there’s a really cool way to do that. If you can educate, if you can share your knowledge, if you can be really prolific with sharing what you know, people will start to get to know you.

They’ll know that you know your stuff and they will be happy to buy from you. When you share, freely that revs up your likability, your relate-ability, your credibility and your visibility so you can see that you can use educating people as a marketing tool and as a way to bridge the gap between being a stranger, to actually starting to form a relationship with your potential clients.


The next thing you want to do is inspire. Gone are the days, of just throwing information at people and it being really cold interaction. Now people need to be inspired as well.

If you can inspire people and let them know that they can do it too, or that this is possible for them to, they’ll feel really, really drawn to you. This is about painting a picture of what’s possible.

This is about showing that you believe in them too. It’s about dwelling in possibility and it’s about illustrating what is possible for your potential clients when they can see through your eyes what’s really possible for them.

They will also see you as a gateway to get them from where they are now to where they want to be. So you want to inspire your audience as well.


The next step you want to take (and this is where my service based professionals start falling off) is that you have to invite!

It’s not just enough to be like, “Here I am educating and inspiring. Don’t you love me?”

That’s exactly  where a lot of people get stuck. They think “if I build it, they will come” and that only worked for Kevin Costner. There’s so much noise out there and a lot of people are educating, a lot of people are inspiring, so you also have to take the extra step to invite people.

So what does that really mean? You need to let people know that you’re in business, that your doors are open, the cart is open. You have to invite them into your possibility. You have to invite them into your business. You have to let them know “THIS is the way that you do business with me”.

A lot of people are passive about this step and they just kind of are there. They put up their website or they put up a YouTube video and just think that is going to end up in a transaction, but you have to actually lead people and invite them into the actual possibility that you want them to take you up on.


Finally you have to enroll.

Nothing has happened. Business hasn’t happened if a transaction hasn’t happened until you enroll these potential clients.

You need to convert the potential clients into paying clients or you haven’t really had a business transaction and a lot of service based professionals get stuck here too because it feels like you’re taking something from people or you don’t want to be taking from them, but you’re not taking from anyone.

Your new client is exchanging their money for the service that you provide, so it is totally in an in integrity. Please be clear that people aren’t giving you money and you’re not taking from them. Your clients are investing in themselves through your service or through the transformation that you provide. They’re investing in themselves are saying ‘yes’ to themselves and they see that you solve a problem and they’re investing in themselves.

Please know that you are part of their transformation, you are part of their solution and they’re investing in themselves and so you’re not taking anything from them. Also, be clear that until you enroll them, you have not obtained a paying client, which sounds obvious, but a lot of times people don’t go that extra step.

Some business owners educate, inspire and then throw out the invitation and then run and hide and hope that someone (i.e. your potential client) figures it out. But what you want to do instead is become masterful at enrolling people in a really integrous way. And when you educate, inspire and invite than the enrollment doesn’t have to feel slimy or sleazy.

In Conclusion:

I hope those tips really helped you and really gave you a clear framework for what you’re doing when you’re going about your daily tasks.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Which one of these steps were you missing on your four step path?

Where you not educating maybe you weren’t inspiring?

Maybe you weren’t inviting?

Or maybe you’re missing that enrollment step?

I would love to hear if you had an “a-ha!” so share your insights below.

Until next time….


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