Today I am going to let you in on a secret; a secret that will change your view on life forever.

If you ever find yourself missing on what you want to do in life because you are afraid of rejection or failure, you’re going to love this.

How would your life feel different if you didn’t have to worry about “what if I fail?”, “what if I get rejected?”, “what if I don’t get the expected outcome?”.

If those burning questions no longer stood as obstacles would you start going after your Dreams? Would you stop playing small and going all out!?

Well if you answered, YES! I can’t wait to share this good news.

The biggest secret about failure that you need to know is this:

 Failure Does Not Exist

Seriously, we only experience the illusion of failure, but in reality there is no such thing as failure. My charge to you is this, don’t let the illusion of failure fool you into believing in it, thus giving it power over your life. When we believe in failure it dictates what we attempt, what we can achieve and how we move through our daily lives. As Destiny Discoverers we cannot afford to have the “Fear of Failure” looming over us at every turn. Now, don’t get me wrong. We we don’t get what we want in life it can sting, it can suck and it’s no fun. I’m not taking that feeling away from you. We’re all aloud to feel bummed when we things didn’t go the way we wanted. However, you can’t be defeated by it and you most certainly cannot let it define you! I hope you see the distinction.

I’m going to let you in on another secret. This one is going to show you how to see “through” the illusion of failure as if it was a big monster made of smoke. Once you read this tip and begin applying it to your life you will no longer be hindered by the Fear of Failure Monster.


Reframing is the Name of the Game

The secret to seeing through the illusion of failure is to reframe your situation. Reframing is when you take a situation and observe it from a different point of view. For example, John is an excellent student but is suffering from depression and anxiety because he is receiving tremendous pressure from his family, peers and University to remain #1 in his class. The further he sinks into depression the more difficult it is to be a high performer in his courses. Through reframing we can shift John’s focus from all of the pressure and instead draw his attention to how he is not powerless in the situation and in control of his life. We can give him examples of how his good grades give him lots of options and flexibility in the job market when he graduates, or that he is intelligent enough to leave school now to start his own business if he wants. The point is we shift his perception from victim to victor. Same situation, different outlook, that’s the key to reframing. He no longer feels depressed from the pressure of those surrounding him, because what they think and want does not determine the outcome of his life, only what John thinks and wants determine his outcome. By using reframing we were able to take John from feeling powerless to being powerful.

“A signal has meaning only in the frame or context in which we perceive it.” – Tony Robbins

Now, when we talk about failure it should become more evident that the choice is yours, you can view yourself as a victim of circumstance or you can reframe your situation to reveal that you are a champion over your circumstance.

Stay tuned for Part II of this series where I share with you some specific ways on how to do just that!

Your Turn:

– Tell me what goal of yours you are now willing to attempt knowing that failure doesn’t really exist. Share with me in the comments below!


You're In!