Do you know what it means to “Walk in Your Destiny?”

How is that different than achieving your goals?

Today we are going to talk about that. Destiny (or you can also call it your Life Purpose) and goals are not the same thing.


Examples of Destiny/Life Purpose Statements

Live in the Flow of Life

Achieve Inner Peace

Live Life Deliberately

Express the Message of my Soul

Bring Joy to the World


These are examples of what you would call your Life’s Purpose or Destiny Statements. While options listed above may seem vague this is the kind of phrase you are looking for when describing your life purpose. Your Life Purpose or Destiny is general so that you can select a myriad of ways to fulfill it.

For example, if your Destiny is to “Express the message of your Soul”, that might look like you singing on Broadway or volunteering in foreign countries or becoming a mechanic or doing all three of those things at different points in your life. What actions you take don’t matter as long as you feel, personally, that you are honoring your Life’s Purpose.

You can think of your life as a compass and your Destiny is the needle of the compass. That needle is going to point in the right direction of your true Life Purpose. You can take many routes and pathways to get there and still be right on course. Everyone’s path is unique; everyone’s Destiny is different.

That is exactly why you can’t compare your life to anyone else’s. One mechanic in the auto shop may be fulfilling her life purpose while the other is denying her dream to do something else. One Broadway singer may be right in line with his Destiny while someone in the same cast is miserable for not fulfilling his true passion. We tend to value certain jobs or tasks over others, when really it is YOU that bring the passion and value to whatever task you are executing.


What it Looks Like

Take Hilary for example. Hilary was the doorperson of the building I used to work in back in my corporate America days. Now, if you heard someone say they were a doorperson you may feel that they weren’t yet walking in their Destiny, but it’s not the title that matters. Hilary was an amazing woman and I do feel that she was walking in her Destiny by being the doorperson of that office building.

When you walked in the door Hilary made you feel like you were the only person in the world that mattered. She was so Present at all times and gave each individual such great service and attention. I remember walking through that lobby with my coworkers one time and she greeted everyone and mentioned little anecdotes she knew about all of us. I remember thinking “Hilary is like that with everyone? I thought it was just me!”.  How she remembered names, who had kids, who was out for surgery and what kind of latte people preferred for a building made up of twenty floors and two towers, I will never know. How she channeled such positive energy and transferred it to every (sometimes very miserable) individuals, every single day, I will never know.

What I do know is that it has something to do with the fact that she was walking in her Destiny and was in the right place at the right time for her life. I was just asking my sister the other day if she still knows if she’s working in that building. Here I am on the beaches of Ecuador worried about the door woman at my old loathsome job!

Do you see how when you are walking in your Destiny, your light shines and your energy brings love and peace to every individual you come into contact with? I can imagine that Hilary’s life purpose may be “Bring Joy to the World” or something along those lines. She can begin working in any profession she wants, as long as he is fulfilling that Life Purpose, she will benefit and so will the rest of the world.

Keep your Life’s Purpose in mind as you think about job titles, project ideas and tasks you perform. The titles are all secondary to the main issue which is you walking in your Destiny. You can fulfill your Destiny while you wash dishes, jump out of a plane or do cartwheels in the park. The point is to be true to the calling of your soul and following that Compass needle marked “Destiny”.

Next up we are going to tackle what are Goals, but you gotta stay tuned for next week!

Your Turn:

  • In the meantime, share with me what you feel your Life Purpose is. It’s a big question, but there are no wrong answers. Let me know what your thoughts in the comments below.



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