Happy New Year!


How are you feeling now that you’re all snuggled into 2017? If you’re like a lot of people I’ve talked to, you’re feeling a bit anxious, a bit hopeful, and really open to see what the year has in store for you.


While we, of course, can’t guarantee outcomes, we can absolutely influence what we experience this year and the beginning of the year is the BEST time to put all of your manifesting mojo behind what you truly want to experience in your life and business in 2017!


There’s a lot that goes into it, but for today I just want to share with you the first thing you need to create the year of your dreams.


That very first thing you need before your niche, your system or even your website…


…is clarity on your Vision. You need to know WHY you want to create what you’re saying you want to create this year.


Not just a surface reason either, you need to get to the soul of your reason.


Getting clear on your vision is the first process I take my private clients through when we first start working together.


This is the secret to building a business (and life) that leaves you feeling free, fulfilled and financially abundant.


So just take 30 seconds and write down WHY you want to create what you’re hoping to create in 2017.  If you need help with this, stay tuned I’ve been working behind the scenes on something super special for you that will help you out.




If you’d like to help me help you create your best year yet, please fill out this super short survey that will help me create freebies, trainings, and offers that tickle your fancy.


As a thank you to you for filling it out, I’m going to enter your name in a drawing to win a complimentary coaching session with me. Just fill out this questionnaire and you’ll be entered to win.


So your inspired action steps are as follows:

  1. Take 30 seconds and write down Why you want to create what you’re hoping to create in 2017 (feel free to share your “Why” in the comments or send me an email)

  2. Take 3 minutes and complete this questionnaire to be eligible to win a free coaching session with me.

  3. Have a beautiful week, because you deserve it.


Catch ya later,








You're In!