I know, I know you’re one tough sista, but I’m curious, do you have a crazy phobia?


While parts of me are tough as nails, I realized I have some crazy phobias. One I discovered when I was a wee one, and that is my fear of BIG EYES (ugh, I cringe just thinking of it).


I discovered this when I was reading the Encyclopedia and came across a picture of a tarsier. I literally threw the book and had nightmares for a week. I’ll just say this, it’s eyes are 75% of its head (which can see into your soul). *faints *


Another phobia I have that I actually discovered this year is Trypophobia. I just had to Google it make sure I spelled it right and now I’m itchy all over. Gross. If you feel horrified when you look at honeycombs, lotus pods or that frog whose babies hatch out of it’s back (oh you don’t know about THAT ? Google at your own risk…) then you have Trypophobia too.


While those phobias are a bit off the wall and won’t keep me from getting through my daily existence, my third fear actually did keep me from moving forward in life and my business. This fear isn’t so crazy either, a lot of people share this phobia with me, maybe you do too.


You’ve heard it all before, statistically, people would rather die, have a pet snake or hold a spider if it meant they didn’t have to do this one thing….


And that one thing is…. Public Speaking.


I’ll be the first to say, most phobias are irrational and just in our heads (I mean, what did a honeycomb ever do to me?) but what goes on in our heads feel very, very real and can shape our whole world.


So how did a girl that has a fear public speaking overcome one of her crazy, not so crazy phobias? I talk about it in today’s video, which you can watch below.

If you’re interested in the free training I took to start my journey to getting over my fear of public speaking, click here and you’ll be taken there straight away. Just enter your name and email and you’ll be given free access to the support materials and training videos. Super valuable stuff that literally changed the game for me.

Please know I’m on this journey with you and doing videos, booking workshops and sharing my voice doesn’t come easy to me at.all. But I do know its necessary and I’m here to walk shoulder to shoulder with you as you continue your journey to being more visible and sharing your voice.

Check out today’s video and sign up for your free training if you’re serious about kicking your fear to the curb. Stay tuned because I’ll share even more resources with you next week as well.

Big hugs,


P.S. The reason I couldn’t give you the actual name of aforementioned frog is because I’d have to Google it, and then there’d be images and then I’d see it in my head all.day.long. I can’t. I won’t. #OnePhobiaAtATime

You're In!