How would you like to learn about one habit you need to be successful. When I’m talking to Dreamers, Visionaries and World-Changers I cannot leave out the one thing that you will need above all else to experience your kind of success that will leave you fulfilled from the inside which will radiate outward. Without this one thing you will till and toil without seeing any of the benefits of your labor. Without this one thing, you can positively affirm and visualize until steam comes out of your ears, but all of your dreams will elude you.

That one thing is an “Attitude of Gratitude”.


Attitude of Gratitude

If that sounds painfully simple, just think of how many times you’ve given thanks today.Probably not as  many times as you could have. We take so much for granted, our

able bodies, the people in our lives, the circumstances we are in etc. Sure maybe thing could be better, but, man, they also could be a whole lot worse! So thank your lucky stars to find yourself exactly where you are


Why is an Attitude of Gratitude so important?                        


What You Focus On You Attract

Or what Michael Beckwith says in the movie The Secret, “Energy flows where attention goes”. When you focus on the negative, on what is wrong, broken or flawed, you bring more of that into your awareness and experience. When you focus and dwell on what is right and good in your world, you will bring more of that into you experience


The Universe Responds Favorably

When you give thanks, you are acknowledging that Higher Power that makes it all possible. You can call it God, Creator or the Universe, or whatever you like, just make sure you call it and say “Thank you!”.

When you acknowledge that you are abundantly blessed you will begin receiving more and more blessings. If you look around and you really feel like you are having a tough time, think of the little things you can be grateful for. I give examples little things to be grateful for here.


Your Perspective Changes

Perspective controls everything. When you’re in love, the birds sing, the sun shines and you see rainbows everywhere. When you are fighting with that same loved one, the birds become a noisy nuisance, the sun hurts your eyes and you only see rain and no rainbows. It’s all about perspective. There is a quote that says, “we don’t see the world as it is we see the world the way WE are”. Meaning our perspective and outlook on the world colors exactly what we see.

So, when you are maintaining an Attitude of Gratitude, you are thankful for everything. You don’t see a room full of clutter, you are thankful for the abundance of items. You don’t pinch your love handles and groan, you give thanks for an abundance of food. You always have the option of being thankful for the power to change whatever circumstance you are in as a way to stay grateful but not complacent.


Your Mind Deals in Possibility

Once you get the hang of it, you will begin seeing the shiny side of everything. You will begin dealing in Possibility and that is when the world of magic opens up to you.  You’re no longer focusing on what can go wrong, you are focusing on what can be. When you get into this space, get ready to be shocked and awed at what miracles await you!


Here are 5 Simple Ways to Start Getting Into the Attitude of Gratitude Groove!

  1. Create a Gratitude Journal and write in it before you go to bed and/or when you wake up.
  2. Before you go to sleep list 10 things you are thankful for in your head.
  3. When you wake up say “Thank You” for 10 things in your life you are grateful for.
  4. Whether things are going good or bad, have “praise dance” sessions to drum up all the good feelings and gratitude you can possibly muster to get those good vibrations flowing.
  5. Contact the people in your life you are grateful for and make there day. Spreading all those good feelings will do you both good and that love energy will permeate the world!


This is just the tip of the iceberg! There is so much to cover on the topic of Gratitude, but we will start here for now.



  • How are you going to start today?
  • Can you add anything to the list of how to get into the Attitude of Gratitude Groove?
  • Have you seen Gratitude change your life? Let me know in comments below.


You're In!