Let’s talk about positioning, as in positioning when it comes to marketing and client delivery.

You may hear in these marking streets that expert positioning is so important. That you have to position yourself as a leader and things like that.

That’s all well and good and I happen to know that my audience my clients don’t love the idea of ‘Expert Positioning

It feels like posturing or posing or it can have an air of superiority and and thus feel inauthentic – especially if you identify as someone who is heart-lead and soul-centered.

So I’m here to have an introductory talk about what positioning is for you my dear soul-centered entrepreneur and if you find you’d like an even deeper dive we can do the 2.0 version of this conversation.

For now let’s just dispel the myth that For you to Position Yourself As an Expert means that you have to posture and one up and look down on others. While YES that’s a form of Expert Positioning – you can do it in an heart-lead way.

FIRST Let’s acknowledge that positioning is important and something you do need to consider in your business because you are the Leader, you are the Expert – but that doesn’t mean you have to condescending in any way.

I Define Expert Position as a way to create a safe environment for your ideal client to experience your work, your expertise allowing them to optimally learn and grow from you knowledge.

So, you like myself likely don’t care about coming out on top, being number one, having the fanciest this, the fastest that and the bestest thing — nothing like that’s not our aim.

BUT if you’re anything like me, then you’re very interested in guiding people through their transformation, creating sacred space for them, being a safe place for them to land when they’re in your care, now you can get on board with that, can’t you? THAT is what expert positioning can do and that’s really your come from.

It’s about credibility – not for posturing sake but to build trust.
It’s about expert status, not to one-up someone but to justify why they should listen to you

Now, you know one of my super powers is marrying the practical with the ethereal
So now that you have the right mindset that’s backing this whole thing, you next need to know what it all looks like in the real world.

If you want a detailed breakdown, check out this episode of the Shine On, Sista! podcast.

And in the meantime consider: What can you do and what can you have in place in your business that will help you positing yourself as an expert in an authentic and loving way?

Can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

You're In!