Have you seen the classic TedTalk by Simon Sinek?

If you haven’t, it’s a pre-requisite to this blog post.

So watch it now

The idea of starting with your ‘Why’ really flipped the idea of how to do business on it’s head. It’s a revolutionary idea and it’s a common theme that runs through modern businesses today.


However, there is another element that you need as someone who is jumpstarting her business and that’s this.


You need to know your “Personal Why”


You may want to make the world a better place, end starvation or build schools in Cambodia, but you also have a more immediate, more urgent dream that’s keeping you up at night, what’s that  “why”?


Is it to spend more time at home with your kids?

Is it to break the salary ceiling you’re experiencing at your j.o.b.

Is it to have location independence and have the ability to work from anywhere in the world?

Is it to trade in your pantyhose for yoga pants? (Do people still wear pantyhose?)


Your Personal Why may not be Earth shattering but it’s UBER important — to you.


So Why Bother?


Because when times get rough as you’re starting your business, building a school on another continent is going to feel way too huge, daunting and impossible….


But, if you have a little voice whispering to you,”Keep going sis, soon your coaching practice will be bringing in 5x the amount of money you were making while at your j.o.b. and the best part is you can wear pants with an elastic band the whole time!” 

THAT will motivate you to keep going because that’s what you’ve always dreamed of.

The schools, the global solutions and the projects will all be there waiting for you when you’re ready.  They are important too, but don’t skip the step of really getting in touch with your Personal Why too!


So what is Your Personal Why?


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