Black History Month is such a powerful time to reflect on the incredible contributions of black people – both recognized and unsung.

I personally use it for a time to get really rooted in my DNA and really get clear on where I come from and what I’m made of.

When we go back in history we’re able to see the strides various heroes have made against all odds.

And no matter who you are, if that doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what else can!

Right now I’m reading about Madame CJ Walker, Cicely Tyson, and Valerie Thomas (NASA/Pioneer of 3D technology).

These women represent the firsts, they represent perseverance, they represent ingenuity, grit, and excellence. If they can make strides, excel, and overcome even when the odds were against them, surely, I (and you) can too! Especially when we consider all we have access to today.

Yes, there’s still so much to overcome, but that’s when I draw on the strength of my ancestors. It’s up to us to continue to pave a way for those who will come after us, just as those who came before us did.

If you in any way find yourself sitting on the margins of society, then please find a hero this month that you can research, celebrate, and glean inspiration from.

Because They Did, We Can.

Keep on Rising. Keep on Shining!

In honor of Black History Month,



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