Did you know? I released the second season of Shine On, Sista! and I invite you to tune, if you haven’t already.

Here’s a little background on the podcast

How It Started & How It’s Going

How It Started:
James Arthur M. the illustrious host of the podcast Minority Korner, challenged me to create a podcast. Since in my work I challenge my clients all the time to step out of their comfort zone and go for it – in ‘walk your talk fashion’ I went for it.

My Commitment was to do at least 1 year of a podcast. My thinking was a podcast lives on of forever, anyone could find it at any time and a year’s worth of episodes is a solid body of work. So that’s what I did. I actually did about a year and a half.

From it, I was able to connect with new people, I was able to feature some of my favorite thought leaders and business owners, I landed tons of speaking opportunities and I got to use my gift of a gab. Good times.

Since I didn’t have a long term plan for the podcast, MAKING A CASE FOR SELF-CARE  was somehow the last episode of Season 1- so I guess I was just done for that time. I was complete and good with what had been created. In my head and heart I always saw it as a break, and I knew I’d be back, and that brings us to the present day.

So In this 2nd Edition I’m giving it another year and we’ll see. For someone reason that’s a timeline that makes sense to me.

Now, the focus and inspiration for the podcast was always to shine a light on those who aren’t always in the spotlight. Those of us who occupy the marginalized spaces, I wanted to create a platform for us. Now, as a black woman, I’m speaking from my own experience and speaking to my sistas first and foremost but/and, there are so many parallels that many of us experience as we identify with various marginalized communities and the intersections we occupy. So, I hope no matter who you are you find some value from listening and you feel seen.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated, exhausted, annoyed, because the body you occupy is an inconvenience to the world at large this could the space for you. It could be the skin your in, the brain you’ve got the, the religion or belief you have, the different abilities you have (and the list goes on) — if at any time the skin you’re in the, space you occupy, the air breathe has been an inconvenience to he world at large just as your BE-ingness, I want you to give this space a chance, because I see you and hear you and sometimes the struggle can be SO real.

What makes us different  makes us beautiful and at the same time I feel in this human experience there’s so much more that connects us, there’s so much that we have in common if we can just get past the small stuff.

If you have business or are hoping to start one, this is the place to get tips and strategies one how to do that + hear inspirational stories from those who have paved their own path.

If you love personal development, you’ll hanging out here

If you struggle some days to shine your light, because it feels like the world doesn’t celebrate you doing so, please tune in the regularly, I created this space you.

So, thank you for tuning in, I’m honored to have your listening ear.

Go out there, Be your best self, and shine on sista!

You're In!