Last Friday, my hubby and I took some time off the grid (read: no cell phone service) to just be in nature and connect with friends.

Weeks prior I could tell I was engaging in a lot of output for friends and family and wasn’t filling my cup as I needed to. I know how important self-care is, so we whisked away for some real downtime. So glad I decided to dive into some self-care when I did.

Upon returning we got the sad news that my Uncle had passed away. We knew his health had taken a turn and I’m so glad he’s now at peace, but this news is never easy. He’s already so missed.

At the same time, when I plugged back in, I saw all the wins from clients doing incredible work around the world.

  • I saw Instagram pictures with miles of smiles from a client who did the work to filled her transformational workshop for women. I can tell by the looks on their faces, they had a good time and progress was made in that room.
  • I saw another post that a student of my online course has been so successful in her business she’s now hiring staff and employing other heart-centered individuals. They look so happy to be working in a purpose-infused environment.
  • Or how another client wrote me telling me she booked 6 VIP clients! Meaning, she’s going to get to work 1:1 with women, changing their lives for the better. #SoManyRipplesOfPositiveChange


In a world where, when we turn on the TV and there’s only heinous (though important) news being reported and special loved ones transition onto the next realm, I’m SO grateful that I have a business that actually fills me with joy and purpose. My clients inspire me and give me HOPE for a brighter future.


Besides my core group of friends and family, my business is my lifeline. It connects me to community, to world-changers, to visionaries and ambitious do-gooders willing to put in the work to create positive ripples of change in the world.


And I want that for you too.


I don’t want you to “dread going back to work” after a hearing some tough news.

I don’t want you feeling like you’re wasting your time or life force.

I don’t want you living for the weekends or counting down the clock each day.


Your life is worth more than that.

And trust me, when you build a soul-centered business that utilizes your gifts, talents, and passions to the fullest, not only will it help others tremendously, it will feed and nourish your soul and spirit as well.


Which is why I’ve decided to host a training just for You.

You who is reading and relating and wants something different.

You who would totally take action and build your soul-centered business IF you knew the how.

You who is ready to have the courage to use your magic to help the world, one individual at a time.


On Thursday, I’m going live to walk you through each step of what you need to build a profitable, fulfilling, sustainable business from knowledge you have right now. Click here to secure your seat.


There’s no charge for this training, you just need to bring your heart, attention, and intention.


You see, by helping you reach your dreams and goals you’re helping me fulfill my life’s mission and Purpose.


More good.

More hope.

More prosperity.

More joy.


I am looking forward to ushering in all that good energy this Thursday on the training and so much more.


If you’re in, I’m in and I can’t wait to see you there.

Sending so much love your way,

You're In!