So You Wanna Be Your Own Boss?


I remember sitting for over 8 hours under fluorescent lights, filling out Excel spreadsheets, while I watched the “The Hills” on MTV.Com in a little minimized window on my computer, just to make my task more fun.


I remember it being dark when I arrived to work and dark when I was walking to my card. Where had the day gone? I remember if the concrete was wet, I’d say, “Oh it rained today!?”. Only realizing when you sit in a cube for 8+ hours no windows = no clue what’s happening outside.


I remember the magenta orchid I had purchased in hopes to spruce up said cube, died because living things struggle to thrive without fresh air or sunlight.


That’s when I realized, that maybe this cubicle office life wasn’t for me.


I worked hard. Really hard. I gave it my all, but in the end my soul wasn’t fulfilled.


If I was willing to work that hard for someone else, why not just work that hard for myself AND why not do something I actually LOVE!


I was ready to be my own boss!


So I jumpstarted my coaching business and I haven’t looked back yet.


Almost everyday I get an email, text, or Facebook message with someone inquiring about “how does this whole life coaching business thing work anyway?”


Well, that’s an in-depth answer and I spend months teaching my clients just what to do, but I want to be able to help you begin your journey today if you’re interested.


If I had to choose 3 things that are essential when starting (and running) your coaching or consulting business it’s these three Cs:



  • Clients

  • Cash

  • Confidence




A lot of coaches right now have the desire in their hearts, but they don’t have people to fill their practice. This can be a depressing scene. It’s bad for morale. It’s like when your server at IHOP tells you he’s an actor. It’s hard to be an actor with no acting gigs and it’s hard to say you’re a coach when you’re not actively coaching. SO my advice to you dear coach or hopeful coach, get you some clients and now. Even if they are free practice clients. When a coach is in her element doing her thing, she feels on Purpose, she learns so much about her ideal client AND can feel good about saying she’s a coach!



Okay starting out in my business this wasn’t obvious to me, so it had to make my top 3 list. You see even though you’re starting a business based off of your passion, passion alone will not pay the bills. Passion is going to be the thing that keeps you going when the times get tough and it’s absolutely an essential piece to being your own boss. However, if you don’t have cash flowing in consistently, then you don’t have a business you have a hobby — a veeeery expensive hobby. There’s a system to ensuring you have cash coming in which I teach in my Soul-Centered Business Creator program (because it too is a loaded topic). But even having an awareness around the fact that you need to focus on profitability and passion will put you ahead of the pack.



Look, if you don’t have the confidence to put yourself out there, hold yourself accountable and boldly claim the results you can get for people, you will constantly struggle in your business (guess how I know). This is the number one element that my clients are struggling with when they come to me. That feeling of being unworthy, a fraud and not enough is a heart-centered entrepreneurs biggest enemy. Don’t let this be you.  This is what I know to be true:

God does not trouble our hearts and stir our souls with a vision without there being a need for it somewhere in the world. That dream, that vision you have stirring in your Spirit is actually the answer to someone’s prayer. You acting on your dream is not a self-centered act, it’s literally answering a call and answering someone’s prayer who is in need.” – Jennifer Covington 

Basically, if you have a burning desire in your heart, a way has already been made for it to manifest in your life. So trust that you are enough and that where you are right now is perfect, and what you know right now is enough. As long as you continue to take inspired action everyday, step by step, you’ll begin to manifest your desires and you’ll move more confidently in the direction of your dreams!

If you’d love to know more, I invite you to my webinar happening today. We’ll talk the 4 secrets to attracting clients, cash and confidence in your life and business so you can go from chaos to clarity and fast! You can sign up here and I can’t wait to see you.


Now go make your dreams come true #Boss!


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