Have you been overwhelmed with social media lately?

Is your screen time overwhelming your life?

Do you just long to connect more on an authentic level?

I’ve been feeling that way lately. I love the internet and all the opportunities it allows us to take advantage of, but I also love to connect on a SOUL level!

There’s a way to do it online and there’s a way to do it in person and I’m dedicated to bringing the heart, soul, authenticity and integrity to both spaces now and in the future.

If you’re longing to connect that way as well, you’re in the right place.

Last week, I put together a mini-workshop, just so I could talk to budding entrepreneurs about starting a soul-centered business. It was free, it fun and folks came out even though it was raining and the end of a long week.

That fired me up to do more!

Now I know we may not be neighbors in the geographical sense,  so I have some options for you. If connecting virtually is the best option for you right now, no worries, we’ll make it fun, cozy and just like we’re in person.

First, this week  I’m throwing an online part-tay to continue to the conversation of exactly WHAT it takes to run a successful soul-centered business. I’m revealing some secrets that folks don’t want you to know that will allow you to be profitable without burning out or feel out of integrity and it won’t require you to be something you’re not. Amen! If you want to check that out, it’s free, you can sign up HERE to snag your seat.

If you want to see where we can hang out in person, I got ya covered there too!

WeWork has invited me to come share my expertise on business building with their members. I just got word that I can invite some folks from my inner circle who aren’t members, so I’m extending this invite to you! If you’re already a member, you can sign up for this workshop on your internal networks. However, for the rest of of us outsiders 😉 I created an EventBrite page so you can sign up through that. Space is limited, so RSVP to secure your spot.

Next, if you’re in the Bay Area, I’ll be speaking at the Oakland Impact Hub, May 22nd. If you’re interested in attending, but you’re not a member of the Hub, please email hello [at] jennifercovington.com and let us know you want to attend, and we’ll make sure we save a seat for you.

I have a few other things on the books, but I’ll let you know about them when the dates are a little bit closer.

I hope you’re out there sharing your voice and connecting with your desired peeps as well. If you haven’t been, up until now, make a plan to make some soul connections over the next few days. Your spirits and your profits will improve, trust me on that.

In the meantime, I hope to see you Thursday for the webinar, at WeWork, or at the Oakland Impact Hub!

Sending you big hugs,

You're In!