I was chatting with one of my sistergirl-bestie-partner-in-shine-super-friends the other day and she, being the super creative visionary she is, was outlining BIG plans we have for a collabrative project we’re working on. Well me, being the dedicated task master, was so inspired by the vision she laid out.

The thing is, I already knew that Vision. It wasn’t new to me. We’d talk about it at the inception of the project in the first place. In fact, the Vision was so inspiring it’s why we took it on, even though we’re busy running our own individual businesses. The Vision was just that inspiring. However, somehwere in the day-to-day hustle of things I had lost sight of that Grand Vision.

As a result, I wasn’t motivated to put in the extra hours to work on it, the project was alway on the back burner (I’ll get to it soon…one day…) and in both my business and this project I just wasn’t as “full of life” as I know I can be.

What happened?

I had lost the Vision!

…And while that doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, it’s actually a Visionary’s Kryptonite. Without your Vision how in the heck do you plan on changing the world? You can’t look around and see what you see on a daily basis for your source of inspiration! You’re a visionary, a world changer and what you see in your mental theatre is way bigger and better than anything that’s happening right now. That’s why you gotta do what you gotta do to make sure you keep that Vision in front of you, CONSISTENTLY.

What I did, and what you gotta do to never lose sight of your Vision:

1. Make A Vision  Board

I try to deny the importance of a vision board (I mean it’s just a collage right?) I tell you, any time I go an Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.18.18 AMextended period of time without a vision board, I legit lose sight of the end goal. Your vision board is imparetive because, like I siad, your surrounding environment may not always support the inspiration you need. You’re about making change and making an impact and you’ve got to see it to believe it.

2. Make a Inspirational Movie

This is Vision Boarding 2.0, baby! You can put together a series of slides in Powerpoint, record it and put it on Youtube. You can put it to music and watch your greatest dreams and aspirations play out on the screen. Watch it everyday and watch your dreams unfold.

3. Write it down

One of the first exercises I take my clients through is creating a Dream Script. This is where you write out exactly what you want to acheive in first person as if it’s happening in the present moment. If you do this exercise regularly you’ll be amazed to see how things come into fruition. I love when I stumble upon old Dream Scripts and it’s like I wrote it today, because it’s exactly what I’m living right now! Really important to do on a regular basis to keep that Vision clear and strong!

So what will you this week to be sure you never lose sight of your vision? Kryptonite is a scary mofo and we World Changers just don’t have time for that!

I look forward to hearing what you come up with and I’m off to make (another) vision board, because you can never have too many!



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