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That’s what you see folks put out there to the world as to why you want to run a dream location independent business. And while those things are awesome…

….there’s even more to it than that.

By having your dream business:

  • You’re able to show up when it matters.

  • You’re able to generate income on your own.

  • You get to play by your rules, no one else’s and sometimes that makes all the difference.

This past week I got the news that my Uncle Michael’s health had taken a turn for the worse.

To accommodate my hubby and mother in law’s work schedules we figured we’d just head down on Saturday. When we communicated with the family that we would be down over the weekend, we got a message back that Saturday may be too late.

We didn’t know the situation was as grave as it was and my hubby really struggled with could he really leave for the week considering all the things he had going on at work. In the end, we figured how much would he regret going to work and showing up too late for his uncle, but it was a tough decision.

While I did choose to move one appointment, having a location independent business meant that I could fulfill all of my business duties while on the road. I conducted my group Q&A call en route to our destination, I communicated with my clients honestly about what was going on and also continued my coaching calls and correspondence remotely. My clients felt supported this week while I was away and I was able to be there for my family.

As a woman and compassionate human reading this, you know that’s worth its weight in gold.

We long to be there for our families.


Show up for our loved ones.


And spend time with those who matter most to us.

Even after we returned from our trip, my hubby and I just wanted to lay low, feel our feelings and take time to heal over the weekend, so we did.

Today, I received several bank alerts that I have a new private client enrollment and a couple of enrollments for my online course.

So even though I wasn’t Tweeting, Instagramming, blogging or hustling, the Universe showed me that I’m well taken care of and provided for and that this lifestyle is absolutely worth it.

So, if you’ve been on the fence about should you start your dream business or should you go from hobby to taking this thing seriously, I encourage you to say ‘yes’ to your dream, if not for you then for your family, friends and loved ones, who need you.

Uncle Michael passed away early Friday morning, and we would have missed those final moments with him had we waited for the weekend. Tomorrow is not promised, today really matters, so tell me, what will you do with your one wild and precious life?

If you need some help and guidance on how you can actually build your dream business. Click here and schedule a complimentary planning session with me so we can create a practical plan of action for you to get your profitable business started right away.

I’m dedicated to helping you make your dreams come true, so I do hope you’ll reach out and get your plan in action.

Sending you so much love (and sending gratitude for the love and condolences I’ve received!),

P.S. In case you missed the full story, I was just sharing how sobering the reality of how precious TODAY is and as a result I’m opening up some spots on my calendar to help you create your plan of action for building your dream business. If you’re serious about making it happen before the end of the year click here to book a time to chat. 

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