Do you ever get invited out to a group setting where you know that emotional vampire will surely to be?


  • Maybe it’s an old circle of friends that has one person that you don’t get along with anymore


  • Perhaps it’s a co-worker that’s in your same department, but you’d rather not hang with after hours


  • Maybe it’s that girl that you can only describe as a frenemy (ouch!)…


Whoever it may be, you may have found yourself in a crunch getting an invitation out to mix and mingle with a person or people who bring down your mojo, big time.


These folks are known as emotional vampires and they can be lurking any and everywhere you go!


So what’s a heart-centered, fun-loving, generally high vibes sista supposed to do?


Now, I’m human, so I’ve had times where I’ve done a poor job of guarding my energy and have allowed myself to give too much. As a result, I burn out, retreat and have to live as an introvert for a season to recharge my batteries. #CanYouRelate


So, I was talking to a colleague of mine and she was telling me how she had to decline an invitation to go out with a group of childhood friends. She loves the woman who asked her out, but she knew there would be a person attending the gathering that sucks the positive energy out of every room.


Normally she would go, to appease the group and be emotionally drained for the following week…can you relate to that?


You say to yourself, “Sure, I should be able to handle it, it’s just one person and I can hold my own”.


The thing is if you’ve read this far, you’re likely a highly sensitive person or an empath that picks up on others energy’s big time. So being in contact with folks that are sucking the life out of the room, affects you deeply, and sometimes long term.


We’ve been taught to “go along, to get along” and to “not create too many waves”. We’ve grown accustomed to accommodating others before we even check in with ourselves.


Well, not my friend. Not this time.


What did she do differently this time?


She acknowledged the fact that she can’t hang out in any room and that she wasn’t willing to jeopardize her good vibes just to appease the group. She had recently hung out with the friend that invited her, so she really wasn’t missing out on connecting with her actual friend in the group. Plus she gave herself 5 gold stars for taking care of HERSELF instead of depleting her energy for the sake of others.


Pro Tip: Want to know a quick way to raise your self-esteem? Treat yourself like you’d like others to treat you. By respecting her own energy and her boundaries the self-love flowed even deeper for herself that day. She set a new standard for how she wants to be treated and the type of people she surrounds herself with.


Now, of course, there are times where you have to suck it up and go, and that’s where Nag Champas, crystals and the protective white light of God comes into play (no, I’m serious)! Sometimes you gotta put yourself out there on the emotional  battle playing field, but someone like you better be all “prayed up”, as they say, and protected before you just go out there with your heart wide open. If you need to have a crystal in your pocket or have a personal prayer session before you go, by all means, do it! In fact, I highly recommend that you do!  


The bottom line is, no one benefits from a world full of emotionally depleted people and the truth is, it’s no one’s responsibility but your own to manage that. So do what you have to do to stay in a high vibration so you can continue to be a beacon of light for the world.  #TakeThatEmotionalVampires

Your Turn:

Have you ever just gone along with a group knowing you’ll leave the situation drained? Have you ever declined a group invitation to protect your energy? Please share in the comments below, this is how we all grow and choose the best path for ourselves.


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