On a scale of 1-10 how sick are you of reading about how it’s November and the year is almost over?


I know it elicits panic and feelings like, “oh em gee, time has officially run out!”


I get it, I have had those thoughts too, but I want to share an experience with you that may not make it sound so…”end-of-days”.


Just about every morning I walk around the lake by my house. It’s a 3-mile circumference and provides a great workout for me. Lately, I’ve been trying to get my run on, well, more like, jog on. I can pretty much jog about 30% of the way…if that!


Well, my sweetie and I are doing a fast right now and when we do fasts we like to set intentions and goals. One of my goals was to DOUBLE my distance around that lake, as in go around the sucker, twice!


Great no big deal, but something interesting has happened as a result. I still set out to get my jog, on even though I know I’ll be walking most of the way. But guess what, I STILL run about 30% of the way even though I’m now going 6 miles instead of 3. I find that I can run longer than I normally do because I’ve set the bar higher. I don’t come near reaching 6 miles, but I do run more of those 3 miles.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.29.04 AM

It got me thinking of all this end of the year hype. Some of my clients are in, “I’ve got 60 days to make my goals come true, lets.make it.happen” mode, but some of my clients are like, “what’s the point, it’s the end of the year and everyone’s checked out”. Just because you think people are checkout doesn’t mean you should check out too!


What if, instead of thinking about qutting/winding down/checking out of 2015 on Thanksgiving Day (I know you were thinking that), why not stretch your sights to December 31st, and go full steam until then?


It doesn’t mean burn out or go extra hard, it just means keep a steady pace and don’t throw your hands up in defeat next week. You’ll be surprised how much you accomplish just by setting the bar a bit higher. You may not reach the new bar you set, like I’m nowhere near running a full 6 miles, BUT you’re more likely to reach your goals, just like I can run way closer to 3 miles when I think I have 6 miles to go, get it?


So what’s a goal you’re going to make, or just stick with until December 31st? Let me know in the comments below.


If you need help making a plan to make it all happen you definitely want to join my webinar happening next week. We’re talking business and marketing plans for sure, but trust, we’ll be going of Goal Setting 101 as well, so if you need a spark of encouragement + some practical tools to keep you on course, go to: bit.ly/Quit6Steps and register for the class!


See you there!

You're In!