If you’re reading this right now, I just wanna say, you did good, sis. Real good.


You made it.


You’re about to cross the threshold into a New Year and that is a blessing!


Typically, the focus this time of year is to be even bigger, brighter and better than ever before.


But, I just want to speak to the part of you that doesn’t get enough recognition.


The part of you that is ENOUGH right now as you are.


The part of you that was enough all of 2017.


When reflecting on your year, and maybe getting tripped up on some coulda-shoulda-wouldas…


Just keep in mind….


You did the best you could, at any given moment, with the knowledge and energy you had at the time.


You are perfectly imperfect, now, then and always….and that’s the good news.


Moving forward you can choose to make new choices but you don’t have to change anything if you don’t want to.


Make a new years resolution, or don’t. It’s all good.


Have a big money goal or not, it’s fine.


Eat leftover hor d’oeuvres and cake for lunch for the next week like I have. Welcome to the club.


Make living unapologetically and guilt free for your choices be a new theme in your life if you like.


Let kindness be your guide

Let integrity be your standard

Let your Purpose be your North Star


Trends come and go. Moods swing. Friends flake and yet, you’re still here.


For that reason, you’re a star in my eyes and I couldn’t be more proud of you for making it through the year and still standing… still shining. ✨✨✨


So I lift my glass to you and say, “Congratulations you did it!” 


Cheers to you and yours and I’ll catch you on the flip side, in 2018.


Happy New Year!


You're In!