It’s getting GOOD.  We’re digging into some great topics.  I recently talked to you about the Soul-Centered Brand Formula and how it can be applied to your business to forever be free of spinning your wheels over nailing your niche. This formula is actually only a smaller portion of a bigger concept called Your Money Making Message.  It’s the second and the beefiest module in my online course — and a super-important concept that you need to nail.

I’ve had the opportunity to be trained in marketing and sales from Fortune 500 Companies.  I’ve studied under some of the BIGGEST names in the online marketing world.  I’ve even had the opportunity to travel to developing countries and teach everything I’ve learned to help provide a means of livelihood.  One of the most important things I’ve learned throughout this is how to use marketing techniques for good To really use these techniques for good though, you have to know what they are and why they’re important — so you can apply them in a way that really makes sense for you and your business.

You’ve probably heard of “identifying your unique brand position” or “nailing your niche”.  Both are very important, but can feel really stale.  What we’re going to do today is show you how to sprinkle a little soul into these concepts.

What may be turning you off about this, besides all of the technical talk, is the money making part.  This is really important, because healers, transformational professionals, and coaches tend to shy away from the money making part.  Why?  Because you would do what you do for FREE.  You love what you do, and you want everyone to have access to it. That’s why we love your heart.  However, the money making part is how you stay in business and get to do your magic full time.  This is really important to me, because I want you to be successful.  You being successful helps create the world I want to live in — where healers & transformational professionals are the ones creating policies and doing well in the world.  We want you thriving!  It’s possible, and I’m going to show you how.

I know that you are brilliant at what you do, which is so cool and I love it.  It’s magic.  You know your craft and you can talk about it all day.  You would do it for free even though we don’t want you to.  The issue is that you need to be able to talk about it in a way that lands for your clients or your potential clients.  Your Money Making Message is how you talk about what you do in a way that speaks straight to the hearts of your ideal clients, so they really get what you do and how you can help them.  It also sprinkles a little soul in there so that they get why YOU are the perfect person for them.  Doesn’t that sound good?

If people don’t understand what you do or how you can help them, then they’re not going to hire you.  Your Money Making Message solves that. The reason why it’s money making is because once people get what you do and how you can help them, then they hire you.  Then everybody’s happy because you’re able to do your work more, full of joy and fulfillment.  They’re getting their problem solved and getting to dive deeper with you.  It’s a money making message because it’s really in service to everyone around.

Here’s the part you’re going to love the most:  When you master Your Money Making Message, your ideal clients will be attracted to YOU.   All you’ll have to do is shine your light, and the people will come to you.  Business becomes more fun, more lit up, more aligned.  I’ve had clients tell me that they feel like God put me in their life for a reason.  It’s a much more aligned and attractive way to do business, and don’t we want more authentic business like that in the world?  I think we do.

So if it’s so awesome and people are going to be knocking down your door once you get this right, why isn’t everyone doing it? Very good question. There are some common pitfalls and challenges that people face with this concept.  It’s a bigger topic of course, to unpack, and I definitely do in my online course. However in the meantime, I can cover a few of the reasons that are the most popular so that you can look at your business right now and really identify if you making these common mistakes.

The number one mistake is not wanting to leave anyone out.  Wanting to include everyone keeps you from being specific about who you want to help and how to help them.  The Soul-Centered Brand Formula is a great first step.  If you’re stuck in a murky, non-clear area, then THIS is where you’re getting it wrong.

Another place folks get this wrong is staying stuck in insider jargon.  If you’re a Reiki healer, but never mention that you can help someone with their back pain, they’re not going to hire you unless they’re knowledgeable on what a Reiki is and exactly what they do.  Using insider jargon is keeping people from being attracted to you.  Check your business and see if this is something you’re doing.

Another place you’re getting this wrong is process jargon where you love your process. I love my process. You probably love your process. You love the process that you take people through so that they go from where they are to where they want to be.  Again, there’s other things that you have to highlight before you go deep into your process.  If you look at your sales page, or if you look at everything you talk about, and all you’re talking about is your process, people are going to glaze over and you’re going to lose them.  However, this is a bigger, deeper work, and I would love to explore it deeper through Your Soul Centered Business Creator.  Even if you’re just reading this right now, you can look at where in your business are you making those mistakes.  If you can turn that around, you’re going to see people banging down your door saying “How can I hire YOU?”  And that’s what we want.

Your takeaway is to get clear on Your Money Making Message today.  Get clear on your message, attract those soulmate clients and shine on sista!


You're In!