Okay, so your year is off to a great start. I know you’ve got your goals. I know you’ve got your ambitions, and you are just ready to hit the ground running, and I love that in you. 


Last week, we talked about how to create the decade you desire, so you may have a one-year plan, you may have a five-year plan, you may have a 10-year plan dialed in. Since you’re reading this you’re likely a very ambitious woman who is taking care of family and friends and community, and let’s not forget your business or the business that you’re looking to build.


What I cannot have happen to you is that you go full force, super ambitious, and then burn out. 


You have to ward yourself against that at all costs! 


It’s just as important as having your strategy, as having your spiritual center, and having your checkpoints to ward against burnout, which I consider to be the entrepreneur’s kryptonite. It’s just as important as having your plan for success. 


Today, I want to talk about how you can kick off your day very powerfully and create a habit around this so that you’re fueling yourself, your spirit first before you go out in the world and make effective change across the globe basically.

The 5-Step Process That Is Going To Change Your Life (For The Better!)


I have a five-step process that you can adopt as well, and feel free to mix and interchange and add as you like, but this is going to help you create a core practice to kick your day off with. 


What I’m proposing basically is that you develop a morning practice where when you get up, you are spending time with you first, you are getting clear on your goals, your intentions, your feelings. You’re pouring into yourself. 


You’re letting yourself know that you are worth it, you are worthy, you are enough, all of those important things because as you go out into the world, you get all these messages of “not enough” and that we’re not safe and that we’re not cool and that we’re not wonderful and that we’re not smart and all of that stuff.


When we’re talking about creating a soul-centered business, which is what I teach, you have to get those downloads. You have to connect with your higher self. You have to connect with Spirit and get what are you even up to for the day, what are you meant for that week, what really needs to be your message moving forward. T


hat happens in the quiet of the morning before you’ve, again, gotten all those messages and all those demands and all those requests have been put on you.


Part 1: Silence


The first part of your morning practice I feel first should be silence. 


Silence can look like prayer. It can look like meditation. It could look like devotion. It could look like visualization. It’s where you get really quiet and just listen. This is the most sacred time ever, which is why I have taught myself to be a morning person to get up because there’s nothing like the quiet of the morning.


When I lived in Ecuador for three years teaching business development to single mothers and orphaned youth, I did a 10-day silent retreat. It was pretty incredible. We got up at 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning, which was a brutal; however, that was the first time I’ve experienced the true quiet of the morning, and there is something different that you can tap into.


I know we all have different energies and modes. I used to be a night owl and a night person, but I have since trained myself to get up early because that morning time was so sacred. It’s just a great feeling, and it allows me who does have a busy mind and a busy spirit and a go-get-them attitude, the early morning allows me to drop in and to be quiet, so I definitely suggest that as something to at least try.


The other thing I find is that when I would be a late sleeper, then things would wake me up: someone else needed me, the phone would ring, the demands of the world would be my first experience. If you’re a mama, then maybe the kids are waking you up, but that is a more frustrating way to start your day if you’re being pulled into your day at the will of somebody else. By waking up before everyone, you’re at choice, and then again, you get to have that time for yourself. Give it a try. 


However you connect and however you’re able to get quiet, meditation, prayer, visualization, this is the time when you do step one, which is silence.


Step 2: Script &/or Scribe


Step number two would be script and/or scribe. In my estimation, scribing is more when you’re writing out possibly the downloads you got. You’re scribing what you received, any inspiration, anything that’s coming up for you, while scripting is really you calling in something. You’re scripting your ideal day. You’re saying what you want to see or achieve, or you’re setting those intentions. Either way, this is really the journaling section of your morning practice, and it’s a great thing to do right after you’re coming out of that silence. You’re downloading, you’re setting intentions, and again, it is very powerful when you’re able to put pen to paper.


For years, I’ve been someone who journals, and it used to be such a great practice just to get things out and to process things; however, when I would go back and look at my journals, I couldn’t believe the wisdom that was there. It’s so interesting to see when it’s your handwriting and it’s your words, but yet it is some other wisdom that has just come through, or sometimes I would see how I totally predicted the future, whether I realize it at the time or not. Journaling is such a powerful exercise, so you want a script and scribe after you come out of your silent time alone.


Step 3: Affirmations


Another thing that you can do during your script and scribe journal time is write out affirmations. The next step that I want to underscore is that you can also say those affirmations out loud. Your affirmations are the things that you want to call in or that you want to be, or they’re intentions or mantras even that you carry throughout the day. 


For example, “I am whole, complete, and safe” could be an affirmation that you say out loud, anything that you want to be true or that is the actual truth with a capital T, those are affirmations.


When you say it out loud, you can just whisper it to yourself as you’re reading what you wrote in your journal. You can do mirror work where you look in the mirror and you say, “You are smart, you are beautiful, and gosh, darn it, people like you.” I forgot what that actual SNL skit is, but really, I mean, that’s a really positive affirmation. 


Say what you would say to your best friend to yourself as you’re looking at yourself in the eye in the mirror. It is a very powerful exercise. Again, the point is that you’re pouring into yourself positively before you’re getting inundated with all the messages and requests and demands of the world. It is a very important step, so you want to say it out loud.


Step 4: Scholastics 


The next step is really me struggling to find an S word, so I call it the Scholastic moment, but this is really where you want to read. You want to have something that you read. It could be a quote book, scripture, it could be just some kind of personal development book, but again, this is the time that we’re taking to pour in positivity, and so you want something that is giving you messages of truth, of positivity, of possibility, of yumminess and goodness that fills your self-esteem and fills your spiritual cup. 


It’s not necessarily a how-to or to-do or even a fiction book, though if that does fill your cup and you need time to read, maybe since you’ve already taken this time in the morning to carve out time for yourself, you use it for that. But having your Scholastic moment is a great thing to do after you’ve done all those other steps that I suggested.


Step 5: Sweat


The final step that I suggest is to sweat. You want some movement, whether you’re doing sun salutations in your living room or maybe you go to a gym or maybe you just walk around a lake or run a lake like I do in the mornings. Whatever will help you get going in the mornings. Again, once you’ve been silent, you’ve scripted, you’ve read, you’ve poured into yourself, you’ve said your affirmations out loud, to go ahead and just get that in your body by moving around, and then all of those endorphins that are released, you can see how you’re then really setting your day off for success. Instead of being woken up, pouring yourself some coffee, and just slogging it through the day, this is a way more intentional way to start your morning.


The Most Common Question I Hear Regarding Your Morning Routine


How Long Does This Need To Be?


You could spend 5-10 minutes on each step, and so that way you really are able to get it in. It’s going to look different day by day, but just imagine, if you’re short on time, and you just take five minutes to be silent, set your alarm, five minutes to just script it and scribe, just take five minutes to just say, “You are the bomb dot com, and you rule the world, sister,” five minutes to simply read some quotes that fill your spirit and do a little bit of a stretch or some sun salutations, and you can do that and be done, or you can take half-hour for each step. Again, it will vary as your life varies.


Just remember: you don’t want it to be a punishment, you don’t want it to be another thing you can make yourself wrong for, if you don’t get to all the steps every single day, that’s okay.


If you do it more than not, it’s going to be great. The real intention and the real point is to carve out time in the morning for yourself. 


Here’s to continuing to set your intention and create the decade you desire, you so go this and I got you and looking forward to hearing all about your morning routines!








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