Happy June Everyone! I hope your year is going just as you have always Dreamed. When I hit the 6 month mark I like to look back and reflect to make sure I am on track with what I set out to do in the New Year. When I thought about it this year, there are several new people that have come into my scope that I didn’t even know existed in 2011. I don’t think that is normally the case for me every year. Normally, I met a new person or two and they have minimal effect over influencing my Destiny. However, this year I feel I have come into “contact” with several people that have been game changers for me. I would not be working on the projects I am working on, nor would I have as much fire behind what I am doing if it weren’t for the people mentioned below. One contact led to the other in some cases, so I tried to list them in that order, though I deviate on a few. So without further ado, I present to you: 16 People Who Have Rocked my 2012 (Who I Didn’t Even Know Existed in 2011!). 


1) Lori Painter

 I have no idea how I found Lori. One of those serendipitous events where the Universe brings someone into your awareness just at the right time. Lori blogs and vlogs over at LifebyLori.com. Her videos are informative, heart felt and genuine. I was watching old videos from Lori that were speaking to my life at the time. It was a new year, I was ready to make some changes and take the leap in certain areas of my life and I just felt like she was personally cheering me on to do just that.  Now, up to that point, when I read someone’s blog or see there videos I would think of the person as “untouchable”, like they live in my computer but and aren’t actually real people I can talk to. I don’t know if it was Lori’s realness or what that gave me the intuitive nudge to contact her. I just wrote to her through her provided contact sheet that I loved her videos and found inspiration from them. When she wrote me back I couldn’t believe it! She proceeded to give me further encouragement and put me on to several people and resources that could help. I was blown away by her generosity and from that point have been a real fan of hers ever since. To learn how Lori went from Dream to Destiny check out  her statement here. Also, do yourself a favor watch Lori’s videos on LifebyLori.com, they are timeless and relevant no matter when they were posted. She is also available for public speaking engagements and coaching. If you want to connect with Lori, check out her Twitter and Facebook Page.


2)  Marie Forleo

Next up has to be Marie Forleo. This woman is a power house and I don’t even know how to express all that she is and can do in one little paragraph. I found out about Marie through Lori. Marie Forleo has a program called Rich Happy & Hot B-School, which is an Online Business School for Women Entrepreneurs and Lori told me she recommended it since it changed her life. When I went to the website B-School wasn’t open for enrollment, but I put myself on the waiting list. In the meantime, I went to check out Marie’s website to see who the woman behind the program was. I kid you not, I spent an entire day watching all of her videos. She has a feature called “Q & A Tuesday”, where she answers entrepreneurs questions. I was blown away, and completely inspired to take action. One thing she said that really hit home with me is that we all have gifts to share with the world (we all know that right?), and to not share those gifts is actually an act of selfishness since there are people out there that need to hear our message and we are actively keeping it from them! That is paraphrased but powerful none the less! I look at her videos one day, the first week in January and the next day I got a domain, started a Facebook Page and launched my website.


3) Corbett Barr 

Corbett is a great guy. He’s smart, helpful and someone who was an integral to the reason Destiny Discoveries was born. He’s also the man behind CorbettBarr.com, ExpertEnough.com & ThinkTraffic.com. As I mentioned, I was so pumped up by Marie that I went for it and launched my site. It was called Beautiful World With JCov , a “spin off” if you will, of my blog, Beautiful World Wonderful People (BWWP). I knew I had a message in my heart, but I had no idea on how to really have a website that would make a difference. In steps Corbett. He was launching a program called Start a Blog That Matters and it was exactly what I had been praying for! I signed up for the program wondering if I would really learn anything or was this just a fluff, content poor, marketing ploy. Man oh man, did Corbett squash any doubts I could have!

Start a Blog That Matters is a content rich full out e-course, which I was not expecting. There are 13 Chapters that you complete in steps that take the daunting task of starting website and breaks it down into doable baby steps over 90 days ensuring your success. Not only that, there is a comment section where he or his colleague would  readily answer your questions. Through Corbett’s course I learned that I needed a better web name, design (still in the works 🙂 ), how to blog regularly, how to create epic content…the list really goes on. He coached me on how to make money online, answered any question I had, and to this day remains in my corner, for my humble little website 🙂  I am SO passionate about Start a  Blog That Matters I signed up for the affiliate program, as this program is one I definitely recommend and stand behind completely. If you have any questions or apprehensions about signing up for the program, contact me so we can talk or contact Corbett on Twitter.


4) Caleb Wojcik

Another Start a Blog That Matters, shout out. Caleb is the other half of the Start A Blog That Matters, Think Traffic & Expert Enough duo. He is also the Creator of PocketChanged.com a site that encourages people to leave the cubicle and live a fulfilled life as an entrepreneur. I appreciate Caleb because whether I left a comment in the Start A Blog That Matters forum or emailed the Think Traffic team, he would always get back to me with his wisdom and insights. He was also so encouraging every step of the way and I may have him to thank that I even launched at all. To peak into the mind of Caleb on how he went from the cube to entrepreneur take a look at his response on how he went from Dream to Destiny here. For more on Caleb check out any of his websites and keep up with him on Twitter.


5) Scott Dinsmore

So a phenomenon I have found with the online world, is that people run in groups just like in real life. So the next few people I mention are all online “buddies” in the same “crew”, as in, when you discover one you’ll normally find them talking about the other,  but I haven’t found that negates their impact or quality of content. I was thinking that I found Scott Dinsmore through Corbett, but it was actually Scott first mentioned Start a Blog That Matters and made me a believer in the first place. Scott writes over at Live Your Legend where his Vision & Hope is that “we live each day making out own unique dent in the world, using our natural talents, strengths and passions”, which is right on with us Destiny Discoverers. His blog posts hit home every time he publishes and sometimes it takes me a couple of days for me to digest just one post they are so content rich. To me he is famous for always adding just a bit more value to his posts by providing worksheets, manifestos and e-workbooks.  If you like Destiny Discoveries, you’ll love Scott Dinsmore’s Live Your Legend. For a more interactive experience with Scott check him out on Twitter and Facebook.


6) Jonathan Mead

Mead is another one of the “crew” that is so on board with the Destiny Discoveries mission. His words of encouragement and wisdom can be found on Illuminated Mind or you can jump right to the big leagues and sign up for his program Trailblazer. The Trailblazer program is one that teaches you how to “Create your own Category, Be your own Niche and Live Life on Your Terms” and he’s so confident you’ll benefit you get a $100 refund if you don’t succeed. How you like them odds?! If you are ready to take the leap, I think you’d be in good hands with Jonathan, though I have not participated in the program so I can’t speak from experience. I haven’t gotten a chance to obsessively devour every single post by him yet so I feel like I don’t “know” him as well as the others, but I have heard webinars by him and read enough of his content to know that he is SO very serious about people living the life of their dreams and knows how to get you there. Jonathan’s theory is instead of fitting your unique self into the mold that society has crafted, why not blaze your own trail and be an expert at being YOU. You are setting yourself up for success when you set your own rules to play by. Even though we all have a little voice that tells us that, Jonathan gets a bull horn and announces it from the mountain tops, then gives us Trailblazers to give us the tools and instruction on exactly how we might do that. If you are itching to no more, follow Jonathan on Twitter and Facebook.


7) Adam Baker

I was stoked to find out about Baker, through either Scott or Corbett (or both). His story and mission encompass so many layers of what I am about that I did pour over many of the archives of articles he has written. When I discovered Baker over at Man vs, Debt he had just completed an RV Tour of the USA while simultaneously actively working on getting himself out of debt. That makes him a traveler, financially savvy and an online entrepreneur, I was hooked. At Man vs. Debt, Baker provides information on how to purge your items and live with just the basics, a concept that still fascinates me. He also gives detailed financial reports on where their money goes and how they earn it in the first place, very transparent and a huge help for those trying to figure out how to fund their dreams. At the beginning of the year I was wondering if it was possible to travel the world even if you have children and Adam was the first I discovered doing that, which gave me inspiration and totally rocked my world. If you would like to follow his exciting journey check him out on ManvsDebt.com,  Twitter and on Facebook.


8 ) Adam Pervez

Another “Adam” that is truly amazing is Adam Pervez of HappinessPlunge.com. Adam is the only one on the list that I have had the pleasure of meeting in person. Adam is currently a Happy Nomad, traveling South America, and our paths fortunately crossed in Ecuador. I imagine if I were to have met him even 2 years ago, I would have in front of me a clean cut, straight laced MBA Engineer. However, when I got the chance to meet him in February, he was a curly haired, relaxed cultural sponge open to all of the experiences that came his way. Adam has a great way of looking at his surroundings both subjectively and objectively at the same time. You get a big dose of his unique way of interpreting his world at his site Happiness Plunge through his thoughtfully written chronicles of his adventures.

If I had to pick one word to describe Adam, it would be Generous. For example, he’s growing out his hair right now to raise funds to help kids with cancer.  If you’re interested in donating click here and click on the green “Donate” button. For more information click here or if you have any questions about it I know Adam would be more than happy to answer them. Which is the other reason he’s so generous. Anytime I bring up an issue I am having he always offers understanding and great consultations and you can tap into his genius through his coaching service, as well. He has already been a featured speaker in Lima and on NPR so trust me when I say this guy knows what he’s talking about.  I could go and on about how great Adam is, but instead I will stop so you can get right over to HappinessPlunge.com right now to read up on how to go from briefcase to backpack, learn how the Happy Nomad (Adam) makes his trip possible and understand the realities of life abroad so you can take the Plunge yourself! To closely follow The Happy Nomad Tour, follow Adam on Twitter, Facebook and sign up for his newsletter at HappinessPlunge.com.


9) Chris Guillebeau

Now, finding Chris Guillebeau was like discovering a treasure. I feel like many recommended him to me at once. Corbett had mentioned him in the Start a Blog a Blog That Matters course and Adam Pervez put me on to Chris’ book The Art of Non-Conformity, which is a must read for anyone looking to break the mold and live the life of their dreams. Chris tapped into my interest because he has both mastered living an unconventional life and he is a world traveler. His goal it to visit every county before April 2013. That is amazing, but Chris’ magic is his ability to teach others how to pave their own path and live the life that they have always dreamed of. He has a bevy of guides to teach you exactly how to live a life that you have consciously designed. If you are interested in the travel aspect of how Chris lives he has a Travel Hacker membership site, where people interested in traveling the world in an affordable manner. He also shared with us here at Destiny Discoveries how he took his life from Dream to Destiny here and you can find out more about Chris on Twitter and Facebook and check out his new book The $100 Startup.


10) Tim Ferriss

I can’t make a list of people who have rocked my world this year already, without mentioning Tim Ferriss. He wrote another book I wouldn’t have been able to read if it hadn’t been for Adam Pervez, which is The 4-Hour Work Week. Wow. I have never read a book like 4HWW. If you are looking for a book that will tell you exactly how to live the life you want, this is the book for you. However, proceed with caution, it’s a dense read, with a million resources and takes thinking out of the box to new heights. I read the book once last month, but I plan on reading it many times again and will forever use it as a reference guide. Tim also is responsible for the site TheFourHourWorkWeek.com & for a book by the related title of The Four Hour Body.  If you need someone to breakthrough those mental walls you have constructed in your mind overtime, look no further than Tim Ferriss. To keep tabs on this guy visit his website, Twitter and Facebook page.


11) Rachel & Greg Denning

 I am counting them as 1 family unit. I discovered this family through Baker of Man Vs Debt and they certainly rocked my world. This is a family that is comprised of 5 kids and 2 loving parents, Racel and Greg. This family of 7 is traveling all over the world and showing everyone that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. Currently, the Dennings are driving from Alaska to Argentina! 5 kids, ya’ll. If you find yourself coming up with a lot of excuses why you can’t do what you want to do with your life or if you find yourself wondering what is the point? Check out the Dennings at DiscoverShareInspire.com, they will answer all of your questions and show you how you can achieve Anything! To follow their journey check them out on Twitter and Facebook.


12) CeCe & Brenda

I’m not sure exactly if I discovered CeCe & Brenda (who I am also counting as 1 unit) through the Dennings or if it was just my “Green RV” research in general.  When it comes to living the RV life the “green” way, these ladies are the best example. You can catch the on their current adventure at GreenRvLife.com as they travel all over the USA giving tours of their environmentally friendly RV. They rock because they introduced me to the idea of sponsorship as a real possibility to making your dreams come true. They are also great women living an environmentally conscious, free and happy life which is inspiring just to witness. If you have a mission and a vision that you are trying to get out there but don’t know how due to finances, don’t rule out the possibility of sponsorship! To learn invaluable tips on how to live green and to follow these ladies on their journey check out their website, Twitter and Facebook Page.


13) Rosetta Thurman

I am sure that I stumbled upon Rosetta Thurman through any number of searches. She encompasses so much of what I love: the non-profit sector, natural hair, wellness, entrepreneur, public speaking and really the list goes on. Plus she’s a “happy black woman” so who can be mad at that? You can find Rosetta’s expertise and “how tos” on her appropriately named site HappyBlackWoman.com. I was rocked by Rosetta because I feel that we are kindred spirits. She covers so much in her blog, I am amazing at how organized and direct it is. Though she will talk about love, reality TV, natural hair issues, food, budget etc. it never feels like a one size fits all blog and I admire her for that.

She is a humble soul that just “stumbled” upon living the life of her dreams and is now retracing her steps and teaching all those who are willing to learn, just how she did it. I think she is a wonderful reminder and example of how, sometimes you don’t have to take a big crazy leap, just keep the intention of your dream at the forefront of your mind, hold onto that vision and you will be walking in your Destiny before you know it. Keep tabs on this Renessaince Woman through her lifestyle site, her professional site, Twitter and Facebook.


14) Brian Johnson

I discovered Brian Johnson through Mastin Kipps’ Love University. To enroll in the class you have to sign up for access to Brian’s website, EnTheos.com. I had never heard of Enthoes.com before but it’s a gold mine for a 1 million reasons and one of the main reasons is for the Philosopher’s Notes. Brian has painstakingly taken notes of every inspirational book he has read and published them as PDF cliffsnotes and MP3s. It is truly amazing. It is a fountain of information and I strongly encourage you to check it out and get a healthy helping of all the love and wisdom going on at EnTheos.com.


15) Patty YUniverse

Oh, how I love Patty YUniverse! She taps into my “One Love, Sunshine Builder Freedom Dance, Free Spirit”, side. I don’t know how she came into my orbit, but once we had an exchange I knew she was someone I had stay in communication with. She is the media maven & director of operations over at Elevate a media company focused on raising the worlds vibration through socially conscious innovations, festivals and projects. She has such a knack for expressing exactly how I feel about the way the Universe works in a way I never could. She is always focusing on Universal Love, Possibility and Creation. To find out what she says about how one can go from Dream to Destiny check out her thoughts here. You can communicate with Patty through her Twitter and Facebook page and though I didn’t know this when I first discovered her, she is actually the leading lady of the viral YouTube film, $#!& New Age Girls Say, who knew?


16) Tiá Jones

As I submitted my article for SistersSpace a few days ago I realized, wait, Tiá should be on my list too! I don’t think I knew her before 2012 or if I did, not much before. Tiá Jones is the owner of SistersSpace.com one of the fastest online communities for women of color. I am not sure how I came across Tiá or SistersSpace.com, but I am so glad I did. Sisters Space is a great location to get tips and inspiration on anything from, spirituality, lifestyle choices, shopping tips, career, finance, love and more. As the owner, Tiá rocked my world by being allowing me to be a contributor to the SistersSpace.com Community and for always being so supportive and patient with all of my questions. She is a great leader and community organizer. Check out all of Tiá’s posts on Sisters Space here,  if you’re interested you can read all of my contributions here and you can get to know the community on Facebook and Twitter.


There you have it, a handful of individuals that have rocked my world in their own way. I wonder if I will come across another dynamic 16 people that will shake me up even more! To me 16 is a lot, so I am doubtful, as I have barely scraped the surface of what each these individuals have to offer. I think this magic group of people came around at the perfect time for me in my life and I have a feeling they are going to be teachers of mine for a long time to come.

What about you? Who has changed the game for you this year? Who has rocked your world or been a huge influence on how you are currently living your life?

Let me know at least one person that has completely rocked your world and how they did it in the comments below. I look forward to seeing your responses.

As always you can let me know here in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter as well. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to get updates and insights that aren’t included here on the site.

Until next time!


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