On this path to Destiny Discovery, you may find that sometimes you feel lost. Maybe you don´t know where to begin. You know you are willing to work hard at something, but you don’t know what that something is. Or maybe, you have been working on a project and it’s just not working out and you are looking to start again. Wherever you are in life, if you are anything like me, making lists allows you to get a sense of in a life full of chaos. Below I have given you 8 Awesome Lists you can create to get clear on what you want and begin living the life of your Dreams.

8 Awesome Lists That Will Help You Pick Your Passion In Life

Make a list of your values

In this list you identify what is important to you. Is it Money? Family? Travel? Freedom? Make a list of your values and then put them in order of importance. This is crucial information you have to know about yourself. With so many elements vying for your attention, you have to identify what you value in order to prioritize the activities that are getting you closer to your goals.


Make a list of your what you do in your free time

Identify what you do when you’re off the clock. How do you spend your Saturdays? What do you do when you are left to your own devices? Do you read Fashion Magazines? Do you surf the web? What do you search for? Where does your mind go when you daydream? What are the stories, images and fantasies that play out in your head?

If you can recognize what you do when you’re not being obligated to do anything, you will see where your passions and interest are. Check out your browse history on your computer, look at your bookshelf, Kindle and magazine collection. What are the topics that constantly come up during conversations with you friends?

List the items and see if anything stands out to you as something you could offer as a service to others.


Make a list of your strengths/genius/things that come easy to you

There are certain things just come easy to you.. The problem is, because it comes easy to you, you probably tend to over look it. At least you did before you read last week’s post. Do not take for granted the skills and talents you have that come easy to you. Those are treasures. Make a list of all the talents, skills, and things that come easy to you. When picking your passion in life, this is essential, as this where your genius is and is most likely the gift you were given from God to change the world. It’s not to be ignored. Make your list and think about one of the skills you could pursue that will assist you in making the world a better place to live.                     


Make a list of authentic goals you have

Make a list of YOUR Goals. These are not your grandma’s goals, your auntie’s goals, your peer group’s goals or your “should be” goals. These are the items that for whatever reason speak to you and fill you with excitement. You don’t have to know why it’s a goal, just list all the goals that set your heart on fire! Review your list and identify the ones you could turn into a business, or a profitable project.


Make a list of moments in your life where you came alive

Can you identify a time in your life where you were truly in the zone? When time disappeared, your genius poured forth, and you were filled with electricity? When you felt what it truly was to be alive, in total trust to the Universe and One with the Power of God?

When that happens you know it. It’s like you’re on a roller coaster, but you’re not scared at all, there is only a filling of exhilaration. This is the good stuff. When identifying your Passion in life, you are trying to increase more moments like that.

If you have a time or two (or more) where you have had such an experience, write about it in detail. Identify what it was that made you come alive, and brainstorm on how you can get more opportunities to recreate that situation.


Make a list of things that get you fired up

A great way to figure out what you are passionate about is think about what gets your goat, what makes you hot under the collar, what is your pet peeve? Sometimes it’s hard to think of your personal utopia, but most people can certainly identify exactly what it is that makes them mad. There too lies your passion.

Make a list of things that you find yourself in conflict about, be it internal or external. What topic can you get into a heated argument about? Review your list and see if there is anything you can turn into a cause, a charity or a business that you are passionate about.


Imagine you won a the lottery for 20 million dollars what would you do?

You’ve gone to an exotic island, you’ve donated to your favorite 15 charities, you got the cars, you paid off your student loan etc. THEN what. What do you do to fill your days with once the partying and splurging ends and you’re ready to settle into the new life you’ve always dreamed of. What are you going to do? This age old question is helpful to identify exactly how you would spend your days if it was obligation free. If you didn’t have to spend anytime earning money, and could spend your time on family, friends and passion, what would you choose? How do you spend your days? Write it down and see what emerges.


Dream the Impossible Dream

This is the section to write down that one dream you deem impossible. It’s The thing you’ve always wanted to do, but felt it was not possible, or you were too scared. Maybe it’s your “Out of This World Larger Than Life” goal, that if you could Dream ANYTHING, ANYTHING at all, you would achieve this one thing, or experience this one thing. What is that thing? What is your Impossible Dream? If you don’t have one, create one! This can be your driving force when you get discourage or lost.


Those are your lists

If you take these lists seriously and carve out time in your day dedicated to meditating over and writing these lists you will get great insight into your heart’s desire. Keep these as your artillery of lists to help you get clear on your wants and dreams and any given time in your life. Like anything in life, the more effort and energy you put into the creation of these lists the better your results will be.


Sometimes it is hard to get into that space of Dreaming the Impossible Dream. I understand that. For that reason I created a short list on ways to get unstuck when you hit a mental block.

How To Get UnStuck

If you’re mentally blocked, Seek out Inspiration

You have to now be an active participate in your happiness and mental well being. Staying inspired is crucial to continuing to be motivated to reach your goals. When you are feeling block, tired, sad, worn out etc. Seek Inspiration. Don’t be passive and just “hope” things get better. Get assertive and take your happiness into your own hands. Below are places to find inspiration

Places to find inspiration:

Inspirational Books

Inspirational People

Creative Projects

Inspirational Music

Inspiration Websites

Any of these Posts

The list goes on, the point is get active and find it when it can’t find you.


Don’t Give Up! It Ain’t Ova Till It’s Ova!

Lastly, Don’t Give Up! Simple as that. While Walking in your Destiny, you can get tired and worn out. You may feel like you have veered off of the path to your Dreams, but trust me you haven’t. Enjoy the journey you are on. Remember, if you never give up it can never be counted a failure. You are a hero for simply daring to dream. You are a courageous for taking the time to hone in on your passions to make the world a better place. I applaud you and thank you.


Do you have any other ideas for list topics that could help extract the desires of your heart? Did these list help you? Let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this post please join the conversation and “like” our Facebook Page, Connect with me through Twitter and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to receive regular updates and inspiration.

Happy List Making!! xoxo


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