Last week I shared with you the squeal-inducing text I got from one my clients:

“Big News!! I put in my notice at the day job today.

I woke up with butterflies in my stomach and even though I knew I wanted to book two more weddings before I made this move… I took a deep breath…and I gave notice with the last day of Dec 23rd.

Then…guess what??? When I got home two weddings were booked and paid!!”

And while that’s super dreamy and I love sharing good news and inspirational stories,  being a Capricorn, I also had to break it down in practical terms for you, so you knew what she did to make it happen. The list got long, so I then had to further break it down into two parts.


So, this week I bring to you the riveting conclusion of what she did to achieve her desired result and how she continues to generate income in her dream business because of our work together + her heart & hustle.


If you didn’t read Part One, you wanna check that out first.
Now, I bring you the rest of the 7 specific steps my client followed to go from day job to dream.


5. She Had Faith:

Faith is a key component and without it, it’s a slower climb. Why? Faith is defined as the substance of thing hoped for, the evidence of things unseen (Hebrews 11:1), which means, you may not see the whole staircase before you take your first step. If you need to see evidence of success before you make your first move, you’ll never make your first move…and thus, won’t ever see your desired result.


6. Took A Calculated Risk:

Now, some describe Faith as “just take the leap and the net will appear” Yikes. Yes, you will have to leap and take steps where the outcome is unknown, but there is a way to stack the odds in your favor.


You see in the text, she gave notice before she had confirmed that two clients were booked and paid. However, she had been doing the work with me to ensure she was in conversations with potential clients and would continue to do the work and get the coaching around what to do next. So was it a risk? Yes, but a smart one.


Taking risks is necessary because it’s an example of your faith in action. When you let the Universe know you’re serious and that you’re making your dreams come true, the Universe will conspire on your behalf and deliver your dreams to your doorstep.


Note:  All the steps I’ve outlined thus far in Part I and II, is exactly how you do that. Get the support you need, take inspired action, have faith that you’re resourceful, do the work and know that no matter what happens you will land on your feet. If you haven’t hired support, gotten clear on your Vision, etc. that opens you up to more risk, than anything else.


7. Made The Three Most Important Investments

This is the unsexy truth. “Making your dreams come true”, like quitting your day job requires a big investment on your part. Though I WISH it was just about creating a vision board and calling it a day, there is so much more to it! To really catapult to the next level, you’re going to have to invest, Time, Money and Energy.


This could be its own post, but I’ll just say this; if you skimp in one of these areas, you won’t see the explosive results I know you desire. At best, it simply means it’s going to be a longer road for you, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just make sure by omitting one (or heaven forbid all three) of these important factors you’re not taking yourself out of the game completely and postponing your dreams for good. That would be the worst case scenario and really don’t want that!


So that’s your inspiration + information for the day, I really hope it served as a grounded explanation of what it truly takes to materialize and realize the, “I quit my day job” fantasy.


If you’re feeling ready to make this your reality in 2017, I opened up more spots on my calendar for those ready and willing to take action. I’ve enrolled several people just this week and the collective energy has been off the hook. If you’re ready to be surrounded by go-getters like yourself, don’t hesitate to book a time to talk about your 2017 Action Plan.

Sending you all my best,

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