How would you like to some reassurance that the dead end that you’ve come to really isn’t the end at all? I gave you some new perspective to consider in Part I and now I’m going to give you some ideas to consider as you consider your options beyond “Plan A”.


Your original destination may not be your Destiny. Maybe it just had to be put in front of you to prompt you to take the steps you are taking now.

An individual taking the path less traveled by will be met by plenty of resistance, backlash and pitfalls. Fear not. Stay flexible and bend instead of breaking. If you don’t learn to go with the flow you will eventually snap under pressure, then what good will you be to the world? Remember stay flexible, go with the flow to stay in prime condition to continue on the path to your destiny.



Now that you are ready to be flexible it’s time to explore your options on how to get back on the path of realizing your dreams.

First, tap into your Higher Power. When you find yourself saying, “Why isn’t this working out the way I had planned?” Pray and ask the Universe “What am I missing?” or  “What could I be doing that I am not doing?”. Then get quiet and wait on a response. It may come to you as a thought, it may come to you as a dream, you have to pay attention. Sometimes a little kid will say something that strikes you or you will read a passage in a book. The point is you have to get quiet and still and pay attention to the signs around you. The Universe has a way of talking to us, we are just usually to much in our heads to recognize. When you put a question out into the Universe, it always responds.



Earlier this week I introduced you all to the “T” Technique which can help you get out of a rut, brainstorm ideas and move you into action. Sometimes you have to ask yourself the right questions the right way. With this technique you are presented with the questions: “Why your outcome can’t happen” (no thank you!), and “How it can happen”. When you start moving into the Power of Possibility the ideas will start coming to you.  Remember the catch of the “T” technique? With that caveat in place, you are sure to discover some unchartered territory. Move forward fearlessly and enjoy the ride.



If your brainstorms have all dried up due to your lack of motivation and you simply cannot come up with any new original ideas, start asking your family and friends for suggestions. Explain what outcome you desire and see if they can be of any help. Even if they don’t suggest something that gets you to the promise land, they may say something that will trigger inspiration in you and that will be enough to get you on your way to creating once again.



If your community well has run dry or you circle of influence isn’t on the same page as you, you can always hire a life coach. Coaches are great when you are stuck for a myriad of reasons. When you work with a coach you have a professional on your side with experience with your situation. A life coach is able to handle your situation in a non-judgmental and unbiased way that your friends and family cannot. Coaches have experience in asking the right questions to get to the heart of what the issue is and are trained to help you get past those issues so you can start living the life you desire and deserve. If you would like to work with me one on one, feel free to contact me for your first free session.


Your Turn:

Surely this list isn’t an exhaustive list, but it should most certainly get you out of your rut and into action.

  • What did I miss in terms of techniques to use when Plan A fails?
  • What techniques have you used in the past?
  • Let me know in the comments below!


Yours from A to Z!










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