How would you like to learn how to obtain anything you want using a simple technique?

This technique I learned from Marie Forleo (one of the people who have rocked my world) this year and so far it has proven to be a powerful tool that can get you out of a rut and into action mode.


 This technique is not for those….

afraid of hardwork.

not willing to take action.

unwilling to think outside of the box.

unwilling to use their imagination.

who will not trust their instincts.

who are not willing to take risks.


This technique is for those…

who are genuinely stuck and are willing to do what it takes to start walking in their Destiny and making their Dreams come true.

If that is you, I invite you to please read on!      


I will show you in 8 easy steps how to break out of the funk you are in and get into your groove again! Without further ado, I now present to you the “T” technique.


Step 1: Think of a goal that you want to achieve.

Example:  Make $5,000 dollars online by December.

Note: This is a SMART goal. It’s not “make some more money this year”. There is a specific amount ($5,000), there is a location (online), and there is a timeframe (by December). Make sure you are as specific as you can be and that your goal is measurable.


Step 2: Write your goal at the top of a piece of paper.

You can use your journal, a legal pad, a loose leaf piece of paper or whatever medium you choose. Write the goal on the paper as if it were the title of the project as depicted below.


Step 3: Make a big Capital “T” a couple of Spaces under the goal you just wrote as shown below.


Step 4: Above the “T” on the left side write the phrase “Why it won’t happen” or “Why I can’t have it”.

Choose whichever phrase applies best to your situation.

Step 5: On the right site write the phrase “How I can have it” or “How it can happen”.

Again, choose whichever phrase works the best with your situation.

Now, if your brain is anything like mine, it can’t wait to get to the left side. When we finally are brave enough to proclaim our goals to ourselves and the world our “reptilian brain” takes over and begins telling us why it’s dangerous,  and starts to review all the risks and the infinite “what ifs” that exist. That is why we have step #6…

Step 6: Look at the left side, where you wrote either “Why it won’t happen” or “Why I can’t have it”.

As you read those words your mind will come up with a myriad of reasons why you can’t have the goal that you wrote at the top of your page. When those thoughts come up, do not write them in the column below! Simple write, an X in that column and say, “No, Thank You” to those thoughts and quickly move to the right side of the page.

Note: This may seem silly, but it is absolutely necessary. The left side of the page does not serve you. It will not help you get unstuck or out of your rut. It’s an automatic response and we’re trying to develop the creative and innovative side of your brain. So again, the only thing you do with the left side of the page is say, “No, Thank You” and draw a big ol’ X in that left side column.


Step 7: Now look on the right side. It’s not called the “right” side for nothing! This is the side you want to focus all your energy on.

In the column titled “How I can have it” or How it can happen”, you’re going to list at least 10 ways your goal can be realized. From the obvious solutions to the seemingly impossible, list all of the ways you can get closer to that goal you wrote at the top of your page. Anything and everything goes! Make sure to list at least 10 items to really explore your options. Check out the example below.


Step 8: Take Action!

Easy right? Do exactly what you wrote down on your list. Oh, but there is a catch. You must do EVERYTHING that is on the list. No skipping allowed. All 10 Items. If you feel brain starting to go to the left side of the list in attempt to tell you “Why you can’t have it” or “Why it won’t happen”, just write that X on the page and say no thanks, and keep plugging away at the “right” side of the list.

This is important to note, because it’s the reason why you’re stuck. You’ve been coming up with great ideas and then killing them before they can even get off the ground. If you thought making the left column and then making an X through it was silly at first, I hope you can now see the value in it.

Why must you do everything you have written down? Because you never know where that action step will lead. It may not lead directly to the promise land i.e the goal you have written above, however, it has the potential of getting you that much closer to your goal. You may make a phone call to someone that puts you in touch with the person that can help you reach your goal, or maybe because you were driving to a meeting you set up, you see someone you didn’t even think of that could help you get to your goal. You have to leave room for the magic of the Universe to happen, so trust yourself and trust that your Creator is on your side in helping you walk in your Destiny!

Note: Now that you know the catch, when you repeat this exercise DO NOT censor yourself, you will only be hurting yourself. Come up with your 10 reasons and get our of your rut once and for all!!

Your Turn:

  • Tell me something that you are dealing with right now that has you stuck and in a rut?
  • Don’t let yourself down! Try out this technique and let me know how it goes. I love to hear your stories of success.

As always share with me in the comments below.

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