How would you like a fool proof way to make your dreams go from seemingly impossible to possible. If you’re saying to yourself. My dream really IS impossible. Read Part I first, then come back.

Did you read it? Great. Now that we’re on the same page, I’m going to show you a smart step by step way to take your abstract dream and make it more tangible and real. It’s the smartest thing you could do! 

Make a S.M.A.R.T. Plan

Ask yourself, what is it exactly you want to do? What is your Dream? Then follow the steps of what it takes to make a S.M.A.R.T. Plan.


Be Specific

Saying that you want to “Live the Life of your Dreams” isn’t specific enough. What that looks like for you and what that looks like for someone else is completely different. You have to be specific. Do you want to be a professional scuba diver? Do you want to be an elephant trainer? Do you want to be a bartender in Bora-Bora? What is it that you want, specifically? You must get very clear on that if you want to make what seems to be an impossible goal, a possible one.


Make it Measureable

This is where you start inserting, times, dates, duration of event etc. This is such a crucial step to becoming clear on your dream and getting a good picture of how possible it is and in what timeframe. More often than not we tend to underestimate how much time an activity is going to take, as a result we don’t see our dreams come to pass as quickly as we thought. When that happens we get discouraged and affirm that the dream or the goal was indeed impossible. When you start writing down how much time each day you need to achieve your  goal, you may become aware a dream you thought could be realized in 3 months will actually take 3 years!  When you make you your goal measurable, you can be realistic about how much time and effort your dream will actually take to become reality. You also can measure your progress, are you ahead of schedule? Behind schedule? Or days away from living the life of your dreams? You can articulate those things when you make your goal measurable.


Make sure it’s Achievable or Attainable

Now, again, we know that anything is possible or anything is achievable. However, now that you know the importance of making your goal measurable, if you say “I want to become the worlds best elephant trainer in a year” you may find that due to your time frame that is not achievable. This step comes after Measurability for a reason. Once you are clear on your time frame you can break your goal up into steps and times that are achievable for your current life situation. If you don’t make realistic achievable goals for yourself you will become discouraged and tempted to give up when you don’t see results as soon as you thought you might.


Make sure it’s Relevant to You

It doesn’t matter how it appears to the outside world, what matters is that is important to you. If you went to law school and then decide to study Cosmetology, great. If that’s what makes sense to your soul and spirit, go for it. If you are doing it because someone else thinks that is the way to go, however, then that is not a good move on your part. Sometimes we dream of things or wish for things that have no relevancy to the forces that truly drive us, we do it based on outside forces. When you are not truly driven by your so-called dream, it will feel impossible to try to turn it into a reality. That is why it is crucial that you dream has relevancy to you and your life. You do not need to explain to anyone else why it’s relevant or how, just make sure that you understand why it’s essential to achieve your goal and why it make sense to you.



Track Your Progress by Making it Time -Bound – That means make sure you can measure how far you’ve come and how far you have to go. This is vital when it comes to rewarding yourself for hitting milestones and how to measure your productivity and the effectiveness of your plan. You can track your progress by keeping a journal, making notes in your calendar, daily, weekly or monthly progress reports or even evaluations.


….and there you have it!

You Turn:

  • Tell me a Dream of yours that you’re now going to be “S.M.A.R.T.” about. Share you with me in comments below.


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