The key to making your dreams come true is actually BELIEVING that you can do it. In Part I & II I covered the importance of believing your dream is possible and a smart way of making it happen. Today I am going to delve even deeper in how it is absolutely possible to make that dream that is dwelling in your heart come true!


Small Doable Steps

If you follow this site, you know I believe in the power of  Baby Steps and breaking your goals down into small bite size steps that are easy to achieve.  When you do this, you hit more milestones, which raises your sense of achievement, which in turn gives you more energy and confidence to continue on your path to your Destiny.  When you’re looking at your Big Goal it can be intimidating and no doubt feel impossible to achieve, but by working backwards and breaking your goal down into tasks you can accomplish daily, you will see just how Possible it is to realize your Dream.


The Three R’s

As we know, while the destination is important, it’s the journey that we need to enjoy. That is why it is okay to make a plan and then change it. An affective way to do this is to incorporate a process I call the Three “R” Review.


Revisit, Revamp and Recharge

RevisitOnce your plan is in place revisit it from time to time. Maybe you look back every month, every 3 months or every year. It doesn’t matter, what is important that you continue to look back over the plan you have in place to evaluate it’s effectiveness. Is what you originally came up with still serving you or can you make some improvements? When you decide there are certain things about your plan that you can ameliorate you move onto the next “R”.


RevampOnce you identify the action items or timeframes that need to be improved, you can go in and revamp the original plan. Make your necessary small or big changes that will better serve you on your journey to your Destiny. After you do that you are ready to move onto the next “R”.


Recharge –  This is the step where you go back into action on your new and improved plan. You will have even more energy and vigor because you are getting closer to your goal, you will be going about it an a more effective and efficient way and you will know without a doubt that you are beginning to Walk in Your Destiny.


I sincerely hope that after reading this you are looking at your situation in a new light.

Your Turn:

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