I hope by now you have identified those talents you have that come easy to you that deserve to be considered when reviewing you dreams and goals. If you haven’t check out this post before you move on.


If you haven’t read “The Art of Non-Conformity” I highly recommend it. It’s by Chris Guillebeau who was one of the 16 People That Have Rocked My 2012, and his book was one of the main reasons for that.


There is a line in the book that really stood out to me. It’s just 7 words and it sums up what you need to make your dream a reality and it is this:



Intelligence isn’t a prerequisite but determination is.



A lot of people I talk to say they can get started on pursuing their dreams, right after they get another degree, or read one more book and have just one more year of experience. That is the attitude that will guarantee that you will never seriously get started on your pursuit to walk in your Destiny. Why? Because there will always be one more book to read, one more class to take and someone that knows more than you.

Moreover, the “I don’t have enough experience/knowledge/know-how” becomes the universal cop out. It’s a certainty there will always be someone who knows more than you do, you can always hide behind that excuse for a reason why you haven’t put yourself out there “yet”.


The idea that Intelligence is not a prerequisite, determination is. is such a relief for those who are ready to stop making excuses and are ready to walk in their Destiny.  You don’t have to win the game of intellect, you just have to be more determined and driven than anyone else out there. Thinking you have to be the smartest around means you stay stuck in a place of non-action and never start on your path to Destiny Discovery. However, if you know all you need is endurance to persevere no matter what comes in your path, you come from a place of power and action.

Now, I don’t want this to get misinterpreted as me saying you don’t need to have a base of knowledge about the goal you are pursuing. I am assuming that because it’s something you are setting out to do, you have researched, or have a bit of experience in whatever your topic is. What I am saying is with that base of knowledge, you are ready to get started and you should, today. If you’re passionate about the topic, you will continue to grow, continue to research, continue to learn and you will become more and more knowledgeable as you gain experience. The most important element that will set you apart from the pack is perseverance.


What is Your Level of Dedication?

So when you think about the dream you have in mind. Is it something you will be able to dedicate a lot of time and energy to or is it something you have a minor interest in? Is it something you can stick with even during the boring or difficult stages? Can you stay true to it even if it doesn’t receive a lot of attention the first year you attempt success? Is it something you can see yourself doing for 10,000 hours? (hint: if your answer is yes, you can be considered an expert after that 10,001st hour). If you can answer with an enthusiastic “Yes!” to these questions, I think you have all that is required for you to be a success in what you set out to do. Congratulations!

Your Turn:

Do you agree with the quote, “Intelligence is not a prerequisite, determination is”?  Do you feel you are passionate enough about your Dream to stay Determined in the face of the hills and valleys? Tell me about it in the comments below.


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