Happy 2016!!

I stumbled upon my very first post when I FIRST started my blog,  back in 2012.Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 6.53.42 AM


I received my coaching certification in 2008 and only got the clue to start a blog in 2012 to talk about the things I’ve learned along my path as a coach. I remember living in my little studio apartment on the beach in Ecuador and  staying up till 4:00 am creating content for my blog.


This was my first blog post EVER, followed by my round-up post (which still is still one the most visited articles on my site).


I was delighted to see that the manifesto (that took me hours to create on Paintbush (hey, I didn’t know any better) still holds the heart and soul of what this online dwelling is all about.


As I reflect up on 2015 and look forward to this new year, it’s good to see that not all of it has to go. The things that make you YOU to the core, travel with you year to year. At the same, time you have the power, the choice and the agency to choose what in your life no longer serves you. You can decide right now, that it was cool in 2015, but that’s not longer how you roll in 2016.


It’s all your choice and that is SUCH a beautiful thing.
So what are you choosing to keep in 2015 and what gets to stay in 2016?


You're In!